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Menorca Ferries 2024

The two main harbours for Menorca Ferries are Ciutadella, and the capital Mahon.

You can sail with Trasmediterranea, Balearia and Corsica. There are daily sailings, all the year-round, from Menorca to Barcelona, Valencia, Alcudia, and Palma (Majorca).

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All Year Round Menorca Ferries and Sailings 

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Mahon has been the main port taking ferry services from Barcelona, Valencia and Alcudia. Ciutadella taking services from Alcudia (North Majorca) and Barcelona.

The three ferry companies that handle all the main services Trasmediteranea, Balearia and a weekly service from Corsica Sardinia Ferries, known as 'Corsica Ferries'.

Direct Ferries

Trasmediterranea's routes:

Barcelona to Mahon & return trip Mahon to Barcelona (Mon - Fri)

Sailing takes 9 hours one way

Valencia (Ciudad) to Menorca (Mahon) & return trip Mahon to Valencia (Sundays)

Journey time 14.45 hours one way

Menorca (Mahon) to Palma (South Majorca) & return Palma to Mahon (Sun)

Duration 5.5 hours one way

Balearia Logo

Balearia routes:

Barcelona to Menorca (Ciutadella) & return Menorca to Barcelona

Sailing takes 9 hours sailing one way

Alcudia (North Majorca) to Ciutadella and return trip Ciutadella to Alcudia (daily)

Sailing takes 1.15 to 2 hours trip one way 

Corsica Ferries

Corsica Ferries:

Alcudia (North Majorca) to Mahon & return Mahon to Alcudia every Tuesday.

Takes 3.15 hours one way

Summer Season  Ferries route from Ciutadella-Toulon

It will have 30 planned sailings this season and starts at Easter on April 10th

The ship “Mega Express” owned by Corsica Ferries was tested out in 2019 and proved successful sailing in Ciutadella.

This Easter, starting on April 15th, Good Friday, the Mega Express will depart at 18.00 from Toulon, France, and set sail for its destination Ciutadella. This will be the first crossing of the intended regular sea route by Corsica Ferries this season between France and the Balearic Islands. The 173-meter-long ferry has 30 scheduled sailings until October 9 between Menorca and southern France.

When will the new route operate and start?

Starting next month, and then running In April, May and June, five monthly round trips have been scheduled. This will then rise to six in July and then gradually decrease down to four in August, then three in September and finally two in October. 

The sailing will be posted once available, through Direct Ferries linked from our web page from where you can book. (Click Here Below)

Departures going from Ciutadella to Toulón will be mostly non-stop, and eventually, the ship returns from Alcúdia. The Ciutadella scheduled will be at 6.30 in the morning. The eventual arrival at the French port should be around at 9 pm making it a good day of sailing.

Corsica Ferries will also offer you the service to buy tickets with a stopover at Toulón

Direct Ferries

Menorca's Harbours

Mahon Harbour

A historical and picturesque working harbour, one of the deepest in Europe. It is easy to find the Ferry terminal found beneath the old city centre linked up with all transport connections. You will find a good selection of Bars and Restaurants are situated nearby.

Ciutadella Harbour

The former capital of Menorca and a treasure trove of history dating back hundreds of years. A shuttle service links up the new commercial harbour to Ciutadella's City Centre.

Ciutadella is the quickest port to sail Majorca from Menorca saving an hour on the sea.

You can always find a taxi rank nearby for parties of less than 4 to take you to the City Centre. Always reasonable and no need to book. Ask for a quote before you ride.

If you want a private hire to take you to your destination, we suggest either Holiday Taxi or our favourite Suntransfers. You need to book online in advance either. Just click the log's (below) to go directly to their booking sites.

Details of Ports

Barcelona's port. Estació Marítima Drassanes, s/n, 08039 Barcelona - 213km from Menorca

Port of Valencia. Avda. del Muelle del Turia, s/n. Valencia 46024. Spain.

Telephone: +34 96 393 9500

Port of Mahon. Moll de Ponent, s/n, 07701 Maó-Mahón, Illes Balears.

Port of Menorca (Ciutadella). Commercial port Son Blanc, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca

Port of Alcudia (Majorca) . Muelle Comercial, s / n, 07410 Alcudia, Mallorca

All the above-stated routes are all year round and subject to change due to weather etc.. please check through Direct Ferries when booking your trips, for the latest prices, offers and sailings. Bookmark this webpage for Menorca Ferries.

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