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Menorca Spain

The Spanish island of Menorca is part of the Balearics in the Mediterranean.


It has some of the Best Beaches,  hot Summers and mild Winters, lots of Menorcan wildlife and Walks around the island.


The main economy of the island is tourism with a good selection of hotels and villas. 

Why Visit Menorca?

The island has over 100+ beaches and over 200 coves and calas to explore and packed with Historical Spanish Culture. Popular with family holiday visitors from Europe staying at hotels and villas dotted along the coastline.

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So many fine Menorca Resorts to choose from. We have tried to whittle it down to a handful of favourites we have discovered on our many visits to the island.

Discover the best resorts for young families or romantic couples. We have a great selection included on our site and gathered from our own experiences.

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Nothing worse than going on holiday when the weather is bad. Here is our 12-month guide to what to expect with the highs and the lows, the windy part of the year, and the hottest. It's all detailed from our own experiences plus our favourite month to go!

Check out our easy to use guide and find out just how mild it can be in the Winter.

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So easy to use! Every UK Airport with direct flights to Menorca is listed and has it's very own easy to use chart so you can find out which airlines fly on which days.

Then you can book that airline with just one click. :-) This page is very popular with anyone flying to Menorca or regular visitors.

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When you arrive at Mahon Airport, many people travel by taxi to their holiday resort. We have dedicated a page to giving our visitors an idea of taxi fares with a detailed price guide. We also have some links to private car hire firms too.

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Truly one of the most popular towns on the Island of Menorca, Ciutadella offers so much diverse Spanish quality from Restaurants to markets.


If you are stopping on the island and have a spare day, it is well worth a visit.

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Spoilt for choice when it comes to the Best Menorca Beaches? There are over 100+ beaches to choose from. Some are very popular, some never hardly see a sole. If you have a car, we can tell you where the best places are for romantic walks or even a bit of surfboarding.

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Diving in Menorca is very popular, from scuba diving to snorkelling. Find out the best locations on the island and also locate the nearest diving school to your resort.

Menorca (Minorca) has some of the best waters in the Meditteranean and a wide variety of fish and interesting rock formations to explore.

Lets Go Diving!

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