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Cala Alcaufar

Our Comprehensive Holiday Guide

Writen by Nigel Clarkson April 5th 2024

Cala Alcaufar is a picturesque cove located in the south-eastern corner of Menorca, a beautiful island that's part of Spain's Balearic archipelago.


We found this serene and idyllic location is perfect for couples, singles, and young families seeking a laid-back holiday experience. You can just chill out and relax.


I will list out all the reasons Cala Alcaufar has to offer from beach amenities to accommodation options, and from bars and restaurants to nearby attractions.

Cala Alcaufar Beach


The beach at Cala Alcaufar is the main attraction that makes us take a drive over when we are in Menorca. There is nothing better than feeling the fine sand sip between your toes as you walk down the gentle slopes into the crystal-clear shallow waters. This is why it is an enjoyable and safe spot for young children to play and swim.


Sun Loungers

At Cala Alcaufar beach, you can rent a set of sun loungers and an umbrella for €19-21. Tip: Prices are reduced if you rent them after 15:00, and the facility closes around 19:00.



There are public toilet facilities available at the beach for your convenience which is really handy.


Child and Baby Friendly

As I mentioned, Cala Alcaufar is an excellent choice for families with young children, as the shallow waters and safe beach environment make it an ideal spot for little ones to enjoy.


Cala Alcaufar Location


Cala Alcaufar is situated just 9 miles (13 kilometers) from Menorca's airport, making it easily accessible for visitors.


There are a variety of transfer options available, including shared shuttles starting at €12 per person and taxis for up to 4 people at €22. However, there is no direct public airport bus service to Cala Alcaufar.


Plus Private services for Airport Transfers (Recommended)


Bus Service


The resort has a year-round bus service at Cala Alcaufar, connecting the cove to other parts of the island. This makes it a convenient base for those looking to explore the rest of Menorca during their stay.

Cala Alcaufar

Is Cala Alcaufar the Right Holiday Destination for You?


Cala Alcaufar is suited for a variety of travellers, including singles, couples, and young families with children. The peaceful surroundings and authentic Menorca atmosphere make it a great choice for a spring break or as a base to explore the rest of the island.


For Families

  • Relaxing, authentic Menorca ambience (which we love)

  • Safe beach with shallow waters, perfect for young children


For Couples

  • Tranquil and romantic setting

  • Proximity to Mahon and Es Castell for livelier entertainment and moonlit harbor strolls

  • A quiet and peaceful atmosphere

  • Nearby scuba diving and watersports centre at S'Algar

Alcaufar Accommodation


One of the main appeals of Cala Alcaufar is its range of accommodation options. Most of the lodgings in the area are private holiday homes, offering a more intimate and personal experience than larger hotels.


However, there is a small family-run hotel, Hotel Xuroy, located beachside with a pleasant cafe terrace and restaurant overlooking the beach and water (also open to non-residents).

For those seeking a larger hotel experience, the nearby resort of S'Algar has several options.


*It's important to note that S'Algar does not have a beach of its own, so a courtesy bus is available to transport guests to Cala Alcaufar during peak season.

Alcaufar Bars & Restaurants


While Cala Alcaufar is a quieter destination, there are still several bars and restaurants available for visitors to enjoy. The beachside Hotel Xuroy offers a cafe terrace and restaurant with stunning views of the water.


Additionally, the nearby resort town of S'Algar provides a wider variety of dining and bar options, with a courtesy bus service available for guests staying in the area.

Cala Alcaufar

Nearby Attractions

Cala Alcaufar's location makes it a fantastic base for those looking to explore Menorca and its various attractions. Here are some nearby points of interest:



Trepuco is a prehistoric settlement located between Mahon and Sant Lluis, featuring the island's tallest Taula (around 4 meters high). Open from Tuesday to Sunday, it offers a unique glimpse into Menorca's rich history.


Talti de Dalt

Another prehistoric site worth visiting is Talti de Dalt, also located between Mahon and Sant Lluis. Like Trepuco, it boasts the island's tallest Taula and offers guided tours and audio guides to enhance your experience.


Fort Malborough

For history enthusiasts, Fort Malborough is a must-visit attraction. This unusual 7-sided defense fort was built by the British in the early 18th century and is now open as a museum featuring visual media guides.


S' Albufera Nature Reserve

Nature lovers will enjoy a visit to S'Albufera Parc Natural, a beautiful spot for early morning or evening walks. The reserve offers footpaths and wildlife leading through pleasant landscapes, woodlands, and Sand unes, ultimately reaching the fishing village of Es Grau.


Diving and Watersports

The nearby S'Algar resort is a prime location for scuba diving, snorkeling, and other watersports like Menorca kayaking and paddle boarding. The local diving company offers spectacular cave diving experiences, and other activities are available for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

Final Thoughts


Cala Alcaufar is a charming and tranquil destination that offers visitors an authentic Menorca holiday experience.


With its safe beach, range of accommodation options, and convenient location, it's an ideal choice for singles, couples, and young families Cala Alcaufar. Checkout Best Menorca Resorts

Cala Alcaufar
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