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Menorca Restaurants

Explore the Delectable Dining Scene of Menorca Restaurants

Menorca, a charming island of the Balearics, boasts a vibrant culinary landscape that beautifully mirrors its rich culture, history, and geography.


With an abundance of fresh seafood from the surrounding Mediterranean Sea, and a cornucopia of locally grown vegetables, Menorca's gastronomy is a delightful experience.


In this guide, we'll journey through the best Menorca restaurants that offer authentic Menorcan cuisine, as recommended by the local Menorcans themselves!

Menorca Restaurants
Brasserie & Bar Dos Pablos Restaurant Menorca

Picture from : Brasserie & Bar Dos Pablos - Cala en Porter

1. Ses Forquilles - Mahon

Ses Forquilles - Mahon
Ses Forquilles Restaurant Menorca

An Innovation in Gastronomy


Nested in the heart of Mahon, Ses Forquilles presents a truly innovative concept within the island's culinary scene.


This restaurant offers a menu consisting of 10 dishes, a seasonal menu, and occasional proposals based on the market availability and the season.


With this model, you can savour the freshest products of the region at Ses Forquilles and discover the true palate of the island.

How to find and contact

Restaurant Ses Forquilles

Carrer de San Fernando, 12, 07702 Maó

Open 7 days a week

1 - 3.20 pm & 8 - 11pm


Call: +34971353260

2. El Rais: The Rice Paradise

El Rais - Port of Mahon
Restaurant El Rais, Mahon

A sister establishment of Ses Forquilles, El Rais boasts an impressive gastronomic offer and a stunning location: the picturesque port of Mahon.


El Rais deviates from the traditional concept of rice dishes, transforming this staple ingredient into the star of all their dishes with a special twist.


For instance, they reinterpret the classic Caesar salad by wrapping it in rice paper. A wood oven is used to cook vegetables, seafood, fish, and meat, all with a delicious smoky touch.

How to find and contact

Restaurant El Rais

Moll de Llevant, 314, 07701 Maó

Open 7 days a week

1 - 3.20 pm & 8 - 11pm


Call: +34971362345

3. Taps Can Avelino: The Tapas Treasure

Taps Can Avelino
Taps Can Avelino Menorca Restaurants

Taps Can Avelino is a fantastic option within Menorca's gastronomic offerings if you're looking to nibble and share tapas or rations.


The kitchen staff continually innovates, adding new creations to their traditional proposals: sweet potato "bravas" with green pesto, prawns coated with mango mayonnaise, strips of Iberian secret with taboule, and more.

How to find and contact

Taps Can Avelino

MCarrer Sínia des Muret, 39, 07702 Maó

Open 6 days a week - Tues to Sun

1 - 4 pm & 7 - 11.30pm


Call: +34971091104

4. Ca Na Marga: The Mediterranean Barbecue

Ca Na Marga Fornells
Ca Na Marga Restaurant Menorca

Located in the Fornells and Es Mercadal area, Ca Na Marga has been a culinary landmark for more than 25 years.


Describing themselves as "the authentic Mediterranean barbecue in a warm family atmosphere", Ca Na Marga is renowned for its grilled cuisine.


Each dish surprises with its delicate flavor, from meat, fresh fish to seasonal vegetables.

Wine enthusiasts will also appreciate their impressive wine cellar that includes, among others, wines from the island.

Ca Na Marga

Carrer de sa Barrera, 24, 07748 Ses Salines

Open 6 days a week - Thurs to Tues

1 - 4 pm & 7.30 - 11pm Closed Wed


Call: +34971376410

5. Delit Restaurant: An absolute pizza delight!

Delit Restaurant
Delit Restaurant and Pizzeria Menorca

Just on the uphill road past the Artiem Hotel is the Delit Restaurant & Pizzeria located in Cala Galdana.


There is an art to fine food and the Delit is a firm favourite of ours when it comes to Cala Galdana Restaurants. The pizzas are something else! Plus all your favourite Spanish dishes are available.


It is better to book for an evening meal but most lunchtimes you can call by to see if there is a table available. You can check out their menu here.

Delit Restaurant Pizzeria

Costa Mirador, 4, 07750 Serpentona, Cala Galdana


Open 6 days a week - Tues - Sun

1 - 3.45 pm & 6 - 11pm Closed Mon

Friday 1 - 4.45 pm & 6 - 11pm

Web: Delit Pizzeria

Call: +34971154889

6. Restaurant Es Tast de na Sílvia

Restaurant Es Tast de na Sílvia
Es Tast De Na Silvia Restaurant Menorca

Tast de na Silvia in Ciutadella is a unique entry among the best Menorca restaurants. It's the only restaurant in the Balearic Islands with a Slow Food certificate and KM0 stamp.


That means all the ingredients come from local producers, guaranteeing freshness and quality. This also means that their culinary offerings change daily, offering a varied dining experience.

Restaurant Es Tast de na Sílvia

Carrer de Santa Clara, 14, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca


Open 5 days a week - Thurs - Mon

1 - 3 pm & 8 - 10.30pm

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

Call: +34971154889

7. PINS 46 - Ciutadella

Pims 46
Pims 46 Ciutadella

The genuine friendliness exuded by the entire staff leaves you with a heartwarming experience, making you feel right at home amidst the refined surroundings with some fine seafood on the menu.


The menu, meticulously curated with an extensive selection of delectable dishes and thoughtfully chosen wines, promises a delightful culinary journey that will linger in your memories.


Delighting in the flavors and aromas of Ciutadella, this restaurant is a definite must-visit. Allow yourself to savor every morsel and sip, for a visit here is an absolute guarantee that you won't be disappointed! We loved it!

Pins 46

Carrer de Santa Clara, 14, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca


Open 6 days a week

7 pm & 8 - 11.30pm

Closed Sundays



Call: +34971481674

8. Brasserie & Bar Dos Pablos

Brasserie & Bar Dos Pablos
Brasserie & Bar Dos Pablos
Brasserie & Bar Dos Pablos Menorca
Brasserie & Bar Dos Pablos Menorca

Based at Cala en Porter,  Brasserie & Bar Dos Pablos is highly rated 4.7 on Google and is very popular. Must visit if you are in the area.


They offer great farm-to-table cuisine using local suppliers plus our air-conditioned dining room gives comfort. The seafood dishes are just amazing along with their sumptuous steaks.

Bookings are essential to guarantee a table.


Reservations via +34 971 377912

or by using Messenger via Facebook

Brasserie & Bar Dos Pablos

Carrer de la Mediterrània, 3, 07730 Cala en Porter


Open 6 days a week

6.30 - 10.00 pm

Closed Sundays

Call: +34971481674


This is just a small selection of some of the best Menorca Restaurants and there are so many more. Click the Menorca Resorts menu on this page to find out more about the restaurants near you.

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