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Unlocking Stellar Airfare Deals

A Comprehensive Guide to Fare Alerts and Loyalty Benefits

Discount Airfares

Navigating the vast world of air travel deals requires both strategy and action.


This guide will lead you through fare alerts, exclusive discounts, and loyalty program perks of several airlines serving the UK.


It's not an easy task to find them sometimes, but I have got the general details and some of the latest deals (constantly updated) for traveling to Menorca.

Understanding Fare Alerts


Fare alerts are real-time notifications that update you about airfare drops or special promotions. Acting on these alerts promptly can secure unbeatable deals.

Checkout the latest deals from the airlines below and further details on this page.

Jet 2 Flight Deals
Easyjet plus
Tui Flight Deals
BA Executive Club
Ryanair club
Vueling Deals
Iberia Deals


Tui, a European & British leisure airline, offers a vast range of package deals and flight-only options to holiday destinations worldwide.

  • Fare Alerts: By subscribing to their newsletter on the 'Deals' section of the Tui’s official website, you'll be informed of their latest offers and promotions.

  • TUI Credit Card: Available for application on their site, the card provides several travel-related benefits:

    • Earn points with every purchase, redeemable against Tui or First Choice holidays.

    • No overseas transaction fees for international travel.

Tui Deals
Tui 737 Flight Deals


Jet2, a British low-cost airline, is renowned for its friendly service and a wide range of European destinations.

  • Fare Alerts: Create an account on the Jet2 website and opt into "JetMail". This gives you alerts tailored to your chosen preferences and destinations.

  • myJet2 Loyalty Program: Registration on their website offers:

    • Access to exclusive promotions.

    • A 10% discount on all flights.

    • Early access to sales.

    • The Jet2 Credit Card allows you to accumulate points on every purchase, redeemable against flights or holiday bookings.

Jet Deals
Jet2 737 Flight Deals

British Airways (BA)

  • Fare Alerts: Register for the BA Executive Club to access fare alerts and earn Avios.

  • British Airways American Express Credit Card: Apply through the British Airways website. This card offers Avios on all purchases with bonuses for direct BA expenditures.

Application through the BA website provides:

  • Avios on all purchases.

  • Bonuses for spending directly with BA.

  • Exclusive offers like the companion voucher on certain card variants.

British Airways Deals
British Airways special deals


EasyJet, a British low-cost carrier, dominates many routes throughout Europe with its competitive pricing.

  • Fare Alerts: Subscription to the EasyJet newsletter via the EasyJet website or their mobile app ensures you stay updated on their best deals.

  • easyJet Plus: Enrolling via their website offers:

    • Priority seat selection.

    • Fast track through security.

    • Additional cabin bag allowance.

    • Their Credit Card offers promotions such as no-interest periods or travel insurance discounts.

Easyjet Deals
Easyjet Flight Deals


Ryanair, Europe's largest low-cost carrier, is known for its ultra-competitive pricing and vast network.

  • Fare Alerts: Download Ryanair's mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, register, and enable notifications for deals.

  • Ryanair’s Club: Membership via their platform offers:

    • Exclusive fare discounts.

    • Free 10kg checked bag on bookings.

    • Early access to seat sales.

    • The Ryanair Credit Card provides users with points on all purchases, with bonus points for Ryanair bookings.

Ryanair Deals
Ryanair Deals


Iberia, Spain's flag carrier, operates a comprehensive network connecting Europe to the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

  • Fare Alerts: Sign up for the latest deals and the Iberia Plus program to receive fare alerts and special promotions.

  • Iberia Credit Card: Partnering with various banks, the card application is accessible via Iberia's platform. Typical benefits include:

    • Avios for every purchase.

    • Bonus Avios for Iberia expenses.

    • Perks like free travel insurance or airport lounge access with certain variants.

Iberia Deals
Iberia Latest Fare Deals


Vueling, a Spanish low-cost airline and a part of the IAG (International Airlines Group), operates numerous routes throughout Europe. Being part of the IAG means they share some loyalty benefits with British Airways and Iberia. >>Get Latest Deals Here<<

  • Fare Alerts: You can sign up for fare alerts through the Vueling Club on the Vueling website. By creating an account and setting your preferences, you'll receive notifications about promotions and price drops for your chosen destinations.

  • Vueling Club: This is Vueling's loyalty program where members earn Avios (similar to British Airways and Iberia). Avios can be spent on flights, discounts, and other services. You can register for the Vueling Club on their website. Every time you book a flight with Vueling, you'll earn Avios which can be redeemed for future flights or services.

  • Vueling Credit Card: Vueling also offers its own credit card in partnership with various banks across different countries. With the Vueling Credit Card:​

    • Get bonus Avios for Vueling-related expenses.

    • Benefit from occasional promotions exclusive to cardholders.

Earn Avios for every purchase made.

To apply for the Vueling Credit Card, you can navigate to their official website, which usually has detailed information and a direct link to the application portal.

Vueling Airlines Latest Deals

Vueling's offerings, especially when considered alongside its IAG siblings British Airways and Iberia, can be quite rewarding for frequent travelers within Europe.


Their fare alerts and Avios collection system, in particular, can lead to substantial savings and perks for regular flyers. As always, when considering any loyalty program or credit card, evaluate how it fits with your travel habits and financial plans. Safe travels!

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