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Where Are The Best Places In Menorca To Watch The Sunset

The Top 5 Best Menorca locations to watch the Menorca Sunsets are:

  1. Los Delfines

  2. Castell De Sant Nicolau at Ciutadella

  3. ​Punta Nati Lighthouse

  4. Santo Tomas

  5. Son Bou Beach

Watch the beauty of Menorca sunsets over the sea and the complimenting colours of the island against the sunset in the sky.

The summer months are the best time of the year between 8 and 10 pm. Relax by the sea or stroll along the beach as the day ends with a fantastic colourful sunset.

The Best Menorca Sunset Locations

The epic 'end of the day' sun going down spots are along the western coast of the Menorcan island.

Son Bou Beach.JPG

1. Los Delfines

Sunset of Los Delfines, Menorca, lighting up the horizon on the westernmost point. Los Delfines means 'The Dolphins' and is a small town and ideal spot to catch the descent of the twilight.

If you like to have a drink whilst watching, take a stroll to Sa Posta De Sol or head over to Apartmanentos Cabo de Baños. At the holiday apartments, you will find an open area to catch the sun going down.

You will find both located just off Av. Los Delfines which has good access by road if you want to jump into a taxi. Mobile coverage is good and everywhere just in case you want to go Facebook live with a sunset there.

Cala Morell Menorca Sunset.JPG

2. Castell De Sant Nicolau at Ciutadella

Go to the Cliff next to the Castillo de Sant Nicolau, a 17th-century watchtower, which is a 10-minute walk from the middle of Ciutadella.

As you look out to the sea at the mouth of the port, you catch the full glory of the spectacular Menorca sunset.

Castell de Sant Nicolau.JPG

3. Punta Nati Lighthouse

On the North-West point of Menorca, you find located the attractive Punta Nati Lighthouse (Far de Punta Nati) which was built in 1911.


With the rugged desolate ground and the majestic colourful sky, this is a photographers delight and one of our favourites.

Take in the peace and quiet watching nature at its best at Punta Nati. Nothing obstructing your view around and the last rays of sun bouncing back off the lighthouse adds to the magic of the descending sun.


Make sure your footwear is good for this journey as the ground and rocks are hard and unforgiving.

Punta Nati Lighthouse Sunset Menorca.JPG

More Meorca sunset delights and locations

Our Let's Go Menorca members have sent in their favourite Menorca Locations and it just goes to prove you don't have to be on the western side of the island to witness this event.


If you have the perfect Menorca sunset picture, send it in to us and if we post it we will of course credit all your hard work in getting the snap.


Send them to

S'Algar Menorca

S'Algar Sunset taken by Georgina Fox

Kate Spalton Blarney Stone in Cala Blanc

Kate Spalton 

Blarney Stone, Cala Blanca

Malcolm Deeley Santo Tomas.jpg

Malcolm Deeley at Santo Tomas

Son Bou Michelle Dorrell.jpg

Sunset at Son Bou by Michelle Dorrell

Peter Emmerson-Darnell Cala Porter from

Peter Emmerson-Darnell - Calan Porter Menorca

Ses Garces Son Bou Beverley McKee 2.jpg

Ses Garces Son Bou taken by Beverley McKee

Village Pub Calan en porter Shaun Mawson

Village Pub Cala en Porter by Shaun Mawson

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