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Menorca Guides

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Discover Menorca with These Top Travel Guides


Planning a trip to Menorca? Here are four must-have travel guides to enhance your adventure.


These expertly curated recommendations will help you explore the island's stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. The best part? Most are available for next-day delivery through Amazon, ensuring you get them in time for your journey.

Get ready to explore Menorca with these reliable guides, all available at your fingertips with speedy Amazon delivery.

Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide.JPG

Menorca Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide


Discover Menorca like never before with the Menorca Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide. This compact yet comprehensive guide is perfect for on-the-go travellers.


It includes a detailed pull-out map, insider tips, and highlights of key attractions. Navigate the island with ease and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Menorca.


This guide ensures you won't miss out on any hidden gems during your visit.  ORDER HERE THROUGH AMAZON*

Marco Polo

The Mini Rough Guide to Menorca Travel Guide with Free eBook

Mini Rough
Mini Rough Guide to Menorca.JPG

The Mini Rough Guide to Menorca is perfect for those who prefer a concise and portable travel companion.


This guidebook comes with a free eBook, allowing you to access all the information digitally on the go. It covers everything from the island’s pristine beaches and historical sites to the vibrant local markets and culinary delights.


The guide’s expert recommendations ensure you make the most of your trip, whether you’re interested in outdoor activities, cultural experiences, or relaxing retreats. Its easy-to-navigate layout and insightful content make it a trusted choice for any traveller.



Menorca 7 day travel Guide.JPG

Menorca Travel Guide 2023


The Menorca Travel Guide 2023 is designed to be your ultimate travel companion, offering an in-depth exploration of the island.


It features a comprehensive 7-day itinerary that covers all major attractions and activities, from breathtaking coastal walks to historic landmarks.


The guide is packed with insider tips, helping you discover lesser-known spots and local favourites that truly capture the essence of Menorca. With detailed maps, practical advice, and rich cultural insights, this guide ensures you have a well-rounded and memorable journey through this idyllic Balearic Island.


Menorca Travel Guide
Menorca Tour & Trail Book.JPG

Menorca Tour & Trail Map (7th edition)


The Menorca Tour & Trail Map (7th edition) is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.


This detailed map is perfect for hiking, biking, and exploring the diverse landscapes of Menorca. It provides accurate topographic information, marked trails, and points of interest, making it easy to plan your routes and discover the island’s natural beauty.


Whether you’re embarking on a leisurely walk or a challenging trek, this map’s clear and precise layout will guide you every step of the way. It’s an invaluable tool for anyone looking to explore Menorca beyond the usual tourist paths.

Each of these guides offers unique features and insights that cater to different types of travellers, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching experience on the beautiful island of Menorca.


Whether you prefer a compact guide, a detailed itinerary, or a comprehensive map, these resources will help you make the most of your visit.


Menorca Tour & Trail map

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