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Recycling Bins Menorca - Explained

  • Green Dome or Square Bins - For Glass

  • Yellow Bins - Cans and Plastic Bottles and Bags

  • Blue Bins - Cardboard and paper including newspapers

  • Large Green Mobile Bins - Non-recycling waste

How to Recycle in Menorca

Here is a helpful guide letting you know what belongs in each of the recycle bins.  

Please remember to recycle in whilst on holiday in Menorca Spain. 

Ok, basically there are four colour types of bins you will need to know about. There are others but these are few and far between and found mainly on Spain's Mainland.

In this article, we will tell you what do the colours mean and be used for.

We will explain what goes in each coloured Recycle Bin. In Spain a recycle bin is called “tacho de reciclaje”

Green Dome Bins for Glass

Near the top of the Green Domed Bins, you will find a small opening. These bins are for glass items like Glass Bottles, Glass Jars and Containers. If you are depositing a glass jar, make sure you remove the tin lid.

Green Glass Bin Tall
Green Glass Bin Tall

Yellow Recycle Bin

Yellow Bins are for aluminium cans, tin lids and plastic bottles and bags. These tend to fill up quickly so make sure you crush up your plastic bottles before depositing in the bin.

Here are some examples of what can be dropped off in the yellow bins:

Plastic containers such as bottles of soft drinks, mineral water, detergents, softeners, shopping bags, yogurt tubs, etc.

Metal containers such as tin cans and aluminium cans of soft drinks, beer, preserves, aluminium trays, milk containers, soups tins etc.

Yellow Bin Menorca
Yellow Bin Menorca

Blue Recycle Bin for recycling paper products

For example:
Magazines and newspapers, cardboard boxes like cereal boxes, paper or cardboard, brochures/leaflets, envelopes, folios, paper advertising, even folded cartons.

Don't use the blue recycle bin for:
Any dirty toilet papers, napkins, kitchen roll, plastic paper or greaseproof/tracing paper.

Blue Bin
Blue Bin

Recycling Batteries
Your local grocery store may have a collection point near the entrance of the store.

There is usually a battery collection point at the entrance of the local grocery stores and supermarkets.


Non-Recyclable Waste

Large Green Mobile Bins with opening lidsThese are for non-recyclable waste that cannot be recycled. They are found up and down most streets kerbside. All rubbish put in the bins must be inside of sealed bags

Items which are not able to be recycled:  

Pizza boxes, aerosol cans, dishes, ceramics, lighting bulbs, large scrap metal, any waxed boxes, and window glass.

Menorca Green Bin Non Recyclable
Menorca Green Bin Non Recyclable
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