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Menorca Zoo

Menorca zoo sign

Lloc de Menorca Zoo, the island's only zoological park. Open in the Spring and Summer every day with lots of animals, attractions, shops, restaurants and picnic area.

At Lloc de Menorca you will find:

  • Native species

  • Exotic Animals

  • Lemurs

  • Flora and Fauna

  • The Dome of Macaque

  • The Native of Menorca

  • A taste of Australia

  • Reptiles

  • The Aquarium

  • The Titis

  • Birds of Prey

  • The Kois Reservoir

  • The Wetlands

  • The Guanacos

  • Axis Deer

  • The Praire Dogs

  • Ostriches

  • The Porcupine

  • Tropical Garden

  • and the Toca Toca

The Minorca Zoo is committed to many environmental conservation programmes to help provide a better way of life for all the animals.

The zoo has improved each year with a lot of investment making for a better experience for visitors but also helping the animals not get disrupted at the same time.

It is a great day out for the family if you are looking for something to keep everyone entertained.

Some of Lloc de Menorca attractions

Lemurs Menorca Zoo
Birds of prey

The Lemurs

Popular characters who never miss a thing especially if there are some nibbles to be had. 


The Dome of Macaque

Lots of climbing going on on this structure with these amazing animals showing off their skills.


The Natives of Menorca

Come and meet the local animals who live on the island. All in their prime and enjoying their surrounds.

Birds of Prey

Always a favourite and some fabulous displays given at scheduled times at the zoo

Something to eat

A Snack Bar is available with soft drinks and some tasty snacks from pizzas to sandwiches. Suli, the macaw parrot is always keeping an eye on the diners and gives a warm welcome.

Buy some treats at Botiga

Lloc de Menorca small store has some beautiful souvenirs of crafts, toys and stuffed animals to remind you of your trip.

History - Biniac Oriental Naveta

Menorca has hundreds of years of history and Lloc de Menorca has an authentic Talayotic Naveta.

Oriental Naveta of Biniac is a place where collective burials were made in the Bronze Age around 1400 to 1000 BC.

Built of blocks placed in a circular setting with a sloping exterior with a south opening door to the monument. Inside an oval chamber that takes the shape of a tomb. Fascinating structure and history from the ancestors of the Island of Menorca.


A Menorcan museum of geology and antiquities with an exhibition of ancient tools taken for the evolution of time and history. Here you can learn all about the cultures from bygone years.

Children's Play Area

The little ones can have some fun in their own dedicated play area. From a zip line to a castle slide, swings to a suspension bridge, there is lots of fun to be had. But what really makes this place unique are the lifesize animal reproductions with its Kangaroo, horse foal, Seal, Hippo, and the massive Crocodile. Children and parents alike love them!

Picnic Area

Next to the children's playground is a picnic area to take a break and eat some food sat at the wooden tabled area. 

Barbecue for special parties

Lloc de Menorca has a space for any special celebrations in the dining room. Private Barbecues and lunches can be arranged for groups and families.

Opening Times and Ticket Prices

titis menorca zoo
menorca zoo snake

Spring Opening Times

13th April to 1st May 10am - 6pm

Summer Opening Times

July and August  10am - 8pm

June and September 10am - 7pm

May and October 10am - 6pm

Open everyday

Winter Closed 1st November - 12th April

Menorca Zoo Ticket Prices

Low Season 13 April - 1st May

Adults: 9.50 €
Children from 3 to 12 years old: 6.50 €
Seniors 65 and above: 6.50 €

Summer Season Ticket Prices

Adult 13 €
Children 8.50 €
Seniors and above - Disabled people 8.50 €

Tickets bought online to receive 10% off*

*Advance tickets with a 10% discount are not permitted for the same day visit.

The ticket office closes daily 2 hours before closing time each day of the park.

Full details on the zoo's website:


Address of the zoo
Parcela 150, Polígono 12, Urbanización L'Argentina, Carretera General, Km 7,8, 07730 L'Argentina, Menorca.


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