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8 Hideaway Beaches in Menorca

Menorca has over 100+ beaches, many of which are relatively unknown or only accessible by walking. We have found many and with the help of local businesses discovered even more Hideaway Beaches in Menorca. 

  1. Cala Macarella & Macarelleta

  2. Calas Mitjana and Mitjaneta

  3. Cala Trebalúger

  4. Cala Pregonda

  5. Playa de Cavalleria

  6. Cala Turqueta

  7. Cala Alcaufar (near S’Algar).

  8. Platja des Grau

We stayed at Santo Tomas and I found the walk to Escorxada which on the map didn’t look too far to sample. It took me over an hour and the Summer sun added to the challenge.


When I finally arrived, I was amazed to find out just how many other people were already enjoying Escorxada. There is a water taxi from Cala Galdana (near the footbridge) in high season.


This got me thinking, about just how many off-the-radar beaches could find on the island, and here is what I came up with.

Cala Macarella & Macarelleta

We stayed at Cala Galdana and our villa was at the top left-hand side of the hill as you looked up from the beach. Behind the villa were pine trees and a path that lead to two of Menorca’s most natural and beautiful beaches, Cala Macarella & Macarelleta


Having said that, they are popular and get busy in the summer months. Macarella has a bar/cafe near the beach which is double handy after that good walk to get here. There is a car park (about 600m away) and Macarella Car Park if you want to get as near to the beach as possible.

Calas Mitjana and Mitjaneta

On the south-east side of Cala Galdana, you can find both Calas Mitjana Beach and Mitjaneta, a gorgeous cove surrounded by pine-topped cliffs on either side. The main attraction is the shallow clear blue waters. 


A short walk away, you will find a small car park for Calas Mitjana Beach. I say small, as it fills up quickly in high season. Best way to access it by boat! Because of the remoteness, there is a certain charm, therefore, making it busy in the summer. Take plenty of supplies to last the day.


To get to Cala Mitjaneta from Calas Mitjana, either swim around the headland or walk over the tops of the cliffs to the smaller Cala Mitjaneta and a haven with fewer people.

Cala Trebalúger

Still on the south coast just a bit further on from Calas Mitjan, you will find Cala Trebalúger, an unspoilt cove, lined at the back by pines, along with a gorge and the entrance of the River Trebalúger


Cala Trebalúger is only accessible by sea or a 45-minute walk from the Cala Mitjana car park nearby. Lovely clear water and lots of wildlife taking to the gorge behind the beach. Generally quiet, but in high season tourist boats arrive frequently throughout the day. To avoid the influx of boat visitors, go early or later in the day.


Let us now move to the North Side of the island to find some even quieter spaces.

Cala Pregonda

Some of the beaches to the north have sands with more of a reddish tinge. Cala Pregonda has this deeper coloured sand surrounded by pinky rocky cliffs. The north side of the island can pick up a freshening wind however Cala Pregonda tends to be a little more sheltered in the right spots.


This bay is much quieter than the beaches in the south, but like most places in high season can get busier. There is a car park is a good 30 minutes walk away, so the only way to get there is by walking or a lift on a boat.

Playa de Cavalleria

Still, on the north side of the island, Playa de Cavalleria is a remote wild beach, with easy access by car. The largest bay on the north side of the island, with reddish sands, sand dunes and rocky hills. 


On the east side, it is a lot more sandy with access by a wooden staircase to the nearby car park. For snorkeling, the west side of the beach is better as it is rockier. Open to the weather, so check the forecast just in case it is going to be windy!

Cala Turqueta

Back to the south-west coast, Cala Turqueta has a fabulous white sandy beach, with some natural shade shaded areas with pine trees and rocks.


Cala Turqueta is a lovely place to sample some Menorcan paradise. The clear blue waters are just something else and has made this another ideal destination for paradise seekers. Two car parks cater to incoming visitors to stop by. Popular with snorkelling around the rocks and the youth jumping into crystal clear ocean from nearby rocks, has become very attractive to holidaymakers. 


To find some more real gems and hideaway beaches on Menorca, I decided to ask some of the well-known established businesses on the island to get their suggestions:

Autos Ellie

Autos Ellie suggestion

Cala Alcaufar (near S’Algar).

Cala Alcaufar It is as if time had stood still - doesn’t look that different to 40 years ago. Traditionally it is where Menorcans from San Luis spend the Summer. Definitely worth a visit, it also has a lovely terrace where you can have a great Paella or evening drink.


Menorca Private Owners suggestion

Platja des Grau

Our favourite hideaway beach is Platja des Grau; known to be the quintessential family beach of Menorca, Platja des Grau is the perfect beach to take the young children. With shallow turquoise waters that cover far into the sea, children can happily play without the need of worry from parents. 


This beach is backed by the low dunes of the S’Albugera des Grau nature reserve, where one can take a short walk into and feel as if they’re in the deepest countryside. The village of Es Grau is at one end with a few bars and great restaurants overlooking the bay; one of the best places to flop and catch the rays, take a stroll, eat a long lunch, and just be.

Island & Home

Island & Home Menorca suggestions

Binigaus, Cala Fustam, Cala Fustam, Cala Algaierens & Cala Ferragut

Menorca is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, not overly developed, which further adds to Menorca’s charm.


Looking for that perfect Hideaway Beach? Our must-visits would be:


Binigaus, a short walk from the popular resort of Santo Tomas


Cala Fustam, an hour’s walk from Es Migjorn


Cala Algaiarens, there is parking available near the beach


Cala Ferragut, there is also parking available near the beach


Menorca boasts many protected landscapes, including beaches with no amenities (such as restaurants), which makes them ideal places to visit if you are hoping to avoid the crowds in the height of summer. 


Enjoy our island, and please remember to take care of it. 

Great suggestions and thanks to the valuable input from some of the top Menorcan Businesses.


Thanks for reading.


Nigel Clarkson

Let’s Go Menorca

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