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Es Castell Menorca

Writen and updated by Nigel Clarkson  25th March 2024

Es Castell is found on the eastern side of Menorca, Spain. It’s located just a couple of miles away from Menorca’s capital, Mahon.

This town is a lively, popular holiday resort but doesn’t have a beach so maybe not what you had in mind for a week away on the beach with the family.


The town itself was originally situated on a peninsula where an island was formed by engineering a man-made channel.


This enabled a hospital to be cut off from the rest of the town so none of the infectious patients strayed off infecting other islanders.

Es Castell Menorca

Es Castell Town

The main town which has a square is set around a couple of inlets nearby Cales Fonts and Cala Corb.


Es Castell is a must-see early morning location as it's the first point on the island where the sun rises. It is one of the island's best locations to take a lunchtime bite to eat in the lovely harbour or one of the restaurants or bars nestled down some of the side streets.


If you like shopping, going to restaurants and a bit of nightlife, Es Castell has some really good options. For something a little bit different, try one of the restaurants built into the caves found near Cales Fonts.


Plenty to choose from! It's a great unique atmosphere that isn’t found at the Menorca beach locations and thats what is so different about the place.

Es Castell Menorca

The history of Es Castell

This town is steeped in history and back over 300+ years ago was considered one of the most strategic towns on the island as it was on the approach to the second natural deepest port Mahon.


Because of its vital location for the British Army back in 1771, the town was founded by British Col. Patrick Mackellar. He originally called the town Georgetown in honour and respect to King George III. It has a British feel to it as Col. Patrick MacKella was in charge of establishing a town there which included his own house known as Son Granot.


Every year there is one big celebration in the town known as ‘Foundation Day’ on the 1st of June. St. Philip’s Castle Foundation, Son Granot, and other institutions participate in the 18th Century celebrations. If you are staying on the island around that time, it is something not to be missed and a truly fabulous day!

Go exploring around the Es Castell area

If you are in the area, take a trip over to La Porta D'Eos, a historical landmark, and vantage point and often photographed. Lots of boats around the harbour make for an interesting picture in the sunshine.


There are many places to visit in and around the town itself. The history and culture are interesting for visitors. Further afield is the prehistoric village of Trepuca, which dates back to around 1500bc. It has its own mini stonehenge formation.

Es Castell Menorca harbour

Getting to and from Es Castell

Take a taxi to or from Mahon for 8 - 10 Euro for an even bigger selection of restaurants at the Capital. It’s only a short drive down the road.


When we visit, we start off at Es Castell, take in the sights, have some lunch, and then take a taxi into Mahon for the rest of the day.

port of mahon

Water Taxi

There is also a water taxi from Mahon harbour travelling between both Cala Longa and Es Castell. On these trips, you can take in the special sights like Fortalesa de Mola.


You can take a boat ride for just 10 Euro. You will find the water taxi mooring near the bottom of Cales Fonts harbour steps. Great to explore and see more of Mahon Harbour too.


Mahon is a boating paradise, sit and take in the sights of some expensive boats moored up in the harbour, it's usually busy with boats coming back in the late afternoon.

Bus Service

Water Taxi Mahon
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Buses run regularly on a half-hourly basis to Mahon from Es Castell

Nearby Beaches - things to do

There are two small coves with calm waters that are great for sunbathing. Cala Pedera is also lovely. The town is worth exploring with its interesting history and culture. 


Around the coves, you can find some water sports to choose from, such as windsurfing, sailing, paragliding, and scuba diving.

Es Castell Markets
Summer and all year round.

Calesfont Craft Market runs from June until mid Sept

From 7.30pm each evening.


Creative Craft Market - July - Mid Sept on the streets of Sa Font, Miranda i Moll de Cales fonts Monday 7.30pm


Street Markets All Year Round - Placa Esplanada,

Mon & Wed 8.30am - 2pm

Es Castell Markets


You have a great selection of restaurants giving you plenty of choices from traditional to international cuisine, plus local delicacies on offer.


Most can be found around the town centre and round the Cales Fonts harbour.


Es Castell is a great town to visit for many cultural delights, history, and sightseeing.


Lots of photo opportunities and plenty of places to eat and drink whilst watching the Menorcan world go by.


Perfect for spending a day out and for a change of scenery. Plus the capital of Mahon is just 3km down the road.


Pop a visit onto your ideas list just in case you need to fill a day out. Why not hire a car to get there!

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