Menorca Weather  Complete Guide

Our month by month Menorca Weather Guide for all the year-round at a glance.


Menorca has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and warm, dry summers. From the end of October, the cold northern Tramontana wind can start blowing. The coldest months are January and February; August is normally the hottest month.


On the humidity side of things, the average daily humidity for the island fluctuates between 49% (comfortable) and 94% (very humid) rarely dropping below 37% or reaching 100% (unbearable). It's really pleasant as there nearly always a nice breeze helping to just take the edge off any humidity.

Menorca Weather January

Menorca Weather January

What is Menorca's weather like in January?

Menorca has it's wettest month in January.

Menorca January weather sees the real start to the islands Winter weather. This month is mostly the coldest and wettest time of the year. Average daytime temperatures are between 11 - 15 Celsius and drop down in the evening to around about 8.


Now don't be too discouraged, I have visited once for a week in January and although it was on the fresh side, I still managed just to wear a T-Shirt when the sun came out. In fact, most of the rain I experienced was short sharp showers which gave way to plenty of sunshine.

On average, Menorca in January offers around 5 hours of sunshine a day and about 60mm of rainfall for the month. I tried a dip in the sea! Wow, that felt cold. I was told it is about 15 Celsius this month. I didn't stay in for long!

If you are visiting in January, bring a coat or waterproof and you will need a jumper or sweatshirt for the evenings that can feel pretty fresh especially if there is a northerly wind blowing.

This is generally the same for all the Balearic Islands but as Menorca is slightly further north, it is usually the coolest in the Winter.

Menorca Weather February

Menorca weather february

How warm is it in Menorca in February?

Menorca weather in February is still cool

Menorca Average Rainfall

The Island is still in the throws of Winter in February. The sun is growing in strength which can sometimes increase the average temperature of 14 Celsius a couple of degrees. It's still a pretty damp time of the year with showers drifting in of the Med.


Daily sunshine hours are slowly increasing to 10 hours a day but not making any difference on the sea's winter average of 15 degrees Celsius.


If you are planning a visit, make sure to bring waterproofs and some warm clothing for some chilly nights around 7 - 9 degrees on average.


Great time of year with cool weather, if you want to explore the delights of the Island without any crowds. You can take a stroll along many of the beaches and be practically on your own

Menorca Weather March

Menorca Weather March

What's the Menorca Weather like in March?

Menorca's weather starts to get warmer in March

Menorca Weather in March is starting to improve, but ever so slightly. Afternoon peak is often around 14 Celcius. The improvement is in the strength of the sun and if you are lucky you can hit the dizzy heights of 16 cels.


The sea is still at its Winter average in March, 15 Celsius. So with showers drifting around from time to time producing less rain than February and January (around 45 mm), you can sense Spring in the air.


The holiday season has not begun so it's a great month for getting about easily and exploring the island. Jacket and jumpers are required as the average temperature drops to 9 cels in the evenings.

A really good time of the year to explore the island by car and take in the glorious Menorcan scenery. 

Menorca Weather April

Menorca Weather April

What's the Menorca weather like in April? 

Menorca becomes more humid in April

The daytime temperature averages have stepped up now to around 20 Celcius. The island still enjoys around 48 mm - 50 mm of rainfall in this month, but with the sun powering down, it is a pleasant time to visit if you do not like excessive heat.


Evening temps are around 12 Celsius, so you will still need extra clothing if you are out in the evenings. Waterproofs are always a good idea like a jacket in case of a rainy day or two which can only be expected in April.


As the daylight hours increase to 13 hours for the month, and the warmth of the sun is easily felt, the tourist industry starts to roll from mid-April with shops and hotels springing into action ready for the season ahead.

Menorca Weather May

Menorca Weather May

What is Menorca Weather Like in May?

Menorca weather in May is great.

Average temperatures are now up to 22 Celsius. Lovely time of the year with less in the way of showers. Uv levels are up high so make sure you slap on the sun cream. Menorca is pretty quiet at this time of the year.


Fancy a dip in the sea? You will be braver than me then. Still on the cold side for me with an average of 18 Celsius. Rainfall is decreasing nicely into the approaching summer. Just over 30 mm a month of rainfall and longer days making it a perfect time to visit for sun worshipers with a possible 14 hours of sun each day.


Still a bit chilly in the evenings if the weather is not too good, so maybe take a jumper or jacket just in case. Menorca can be a bit windy at any time of the year which can sometimes take the edge of the temperature especially on the north side of the island when there is a northerly wind.

Menorca Weather June

Menorca Weather June

What is Menorca Weather like in June?

Menorca Weathers in June is perfect!

With 15 hours of sunlight and the second lowest monthy average of rainfall in June. It is in the upper 20's (not too hot) and the light winds just keep it to a manageable temperature to sit in the sun and take a dip in a pool.


If you are like us, and not keen on a very humid environment, June is ideal. I have noticed if it builds up to much, and quick showery downpour soon freshens things up.  In the evening a nice cool average of 16 celsius makes it easier to sleep.


All in all, June is a great month weather-wise on Menorca. It is getting more like summer but not overcrowded with tourists giving you more chance to take in some wrays on a quite beach.

Menorca Weather July

Menorca Weather July

What is the Menorca Weather like in July?

July is Menorca's driest month of the year

On average with just 7mm of rainfall, and it is getting hot by the end of the month. Light winds and 14 hours average sunshine a day. This is an ideal time of the year for that dip in the warm 24 degrees sea.


There are warm nights of around 20 degrees Celsius and if you do not have air conditioning, this is uncomfortable when trying to sleep.


With the UV levels at their highest on the island, we always made sure to put the suncream on especially the family. On the beach, we noticed a lovely sea breeze just after lunch keeping perfect for a relaxing day in the sun.

Menorca Weather August

Menorca weather August

What is the Menorca Weather like in August?

August is Menorca's hottest time of the year

13 hours of sunshine, short lived showers and light winds. August Weather in Menorca is in most sun-worshippers eyes perfect. In fact, this month is my ideal sea temp at 26 degrees. 


Evenings are warm so ideal for sitting out on a restaurant terrace eating your evening meal. No need for a jacket as any showers are short-lived. We often sat in the shade from 12 until 2 for some rest bite from the hot sun.

13 hours (on average) a day of sunshine, and just 23mm of rain in August with light breezes, what more could you want! 

Menorca Weather September

Menorca weather September

What is Menorca Weather like in September?

Menorca Weather in September is very warm

Menorca Weather September is very warm with cooler nights, Average temperature 26 cel and a good breeze plus there is more chance of a thunderstorm. In September he temperatures are just a little cooler. Septembers weather is known for lots of flies which are noticeable when eating outside.


Nights are more comfortable for sleeping, and you still get a high 26 degrees average in the day.  The sea is still very warm, ideal for a swim or some snorkelling.


With 12 hours of daylight, the month of September is really is my favourite month at Menorca. You still get an impressive tan too and the UV's are still high which you can easily forget in that cooling breeze.

Rainfall increases up to 70mm in September so it is likely you will catch the odd wet day or half-day. But with the warmth, you will soon dry off. 

Menorca Weather October

Menorca Weather October

What is Menorca Weather like in October?

Menorca starts to cool down in October

You can feel that autumn is on the way in the evenings, it is getting cooler now and we have had lovely days in the low 20's. Menorca Weather in October is one of the wettest month of the year, there is now a very good chance of catching a proper storm that could last a day! 


Many people still visit in October to catch the last rays of sunshine and if your

lucky, you can still catch a good run of sunny daysThe average temperature

is 23 degrees Celsius.


As the island starts to get ready for the low season, in October you can get some really pleasant and warm days, but the evenings now start to drop a little lower so a jumper may be needed if you're off out.

Menorca Weather November

Menorca Weather November

What is the Menorca Weather like in November?

Menorca starts to become wetter in November

You can get highs of around 18 in the afternoon. Evenings are around 12 so you will need some warmer clothing and extra layers. Another rainy month with some of the largest amounts of rainfall for the year expected this month.


Lots of showers, however, the sea is still not to bad with a mild 20c. If you want to do a bit of exploring whilst the temperatures are reasonable, this is a good month to do so.

Remember: Most of the resorts are now in hibernation mode with many seasonal restaurants now shut until the Spring.  

Menorca Weather December

Menorca Weather December

What is the Menorca Weather like in December?

Menorca Weather in December starts to dry up

Menorca Weather December is a little drier as the Med starts to settle down into its Winter cycle of weather. Average temps 15c in the afternoon's, 12c at night and the sea a refreshing 17cel.


Bring an umbrella with around 12 - 14 days of showery rain expected. Warm clothing a must, however, you can get away with a T-Shirt in the afternoon in the sun.

With 9 hours of sunshine possible in a day, if you want to brush off the winter shackles, take one of the direct flights to Menorca from Gatwick if you are in the UK.

A lovely setting in December on the island of Menorca

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