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Es Canutells

Writen and updated by Nigel Clarkson 15th March 2024

Discover Menorca's Charming Small Resort

Es Canutells, a hidden gem located on the southeast coast of Menorca, offers a serene and picturesque retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of busier tourist destinations.


This small resort is ideal for families and couples searching for a tranquil holiday experience, complete with a beautiful beach, stunning natural surroundings, and easy access to nearby towns and attractions.


In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about Es Canutells, from its captivating beach to transportation options and nearby attractions.

Es Canutells Beach: A Peaceful Haven for Families and Couples


The main attraction of Es Canutells is its charming beach, nestled within an attractive inlet and surrounded by stunning cliffs.


The beach boasts soft golden sand, crystal-clear waters, and a peaceful atmosphere perfect for families with young children or couples seeking a romantic getaway. The shallow waters near the shoreline provide a safe environment for children to splash about, while the more adventurous can enjoy snorkelling just off the beach.


Sun Loungers and Facilities


Visitors can rent sun loungers and umbrellas at the beach, with prices typically ranging from 19-21 Euros per set. The facility offers discounts after 15:00 and closes around 19:00. A small bar-restaurant situated near the beach offers refreshments and overlooks the picturesque bay, providing a perfect spot to relax and take in the stunning views.

es canutells Menorca

Es Canutells Location: Convenience and Accessibility


Es Canutells is located just 6 miles (9 km) from Menorca's airport, providing easy access for those arriving on the island. A direct transfer takes only 10 minutes, making it a hassle-free journey for holidaymakers.


Various transportation options are available, including shared shuttles starting from 12 Euros per person or taxis for up to 4 passengers, which cost around 17 Euros.

Unfortunately, there is no direct public airport bus service available, but visitors can access Es Canutells via a local bus from May to October. The resort's proximity to the airport and nearby towns such as Mahon and Es Castell ensures that guests can enjoy a variety of attractions and entertainment options within a short distance.

The Resort of Es Canutells: A Taste of Authentic Menorca


Es Canutells offers a glimpse into authentic Menorca, with its unspoiled natural beauty and quiet, residential atmosphere. The resort is predominantly comprised of private holiday villas, residential homes, and a low-rise apartment hotel complex called Hotel Mar de Menorca.


As a result, Es Canutells provides a more intimate and relaxed experience compared to larger, more commercialized resorts on the island.

es canutells

Attractions for Families


Families visiting Es Canutells can enjoy the following attractions:

  • Safe, shallow waters for young children at the beach

  • A quieter, more private holiday experience

  • Proximity to Mahon and Es Castell for a change of scenery and additional entertainment options


Activities for Couples


Couples visiting Es Canutells can indulge in the following activities:

  • Romantic strolls along the nearby harbors in Mahon and Es Castell

  • Snorkeling off the beach

  • Exploring the picturesque local virgin beaches and coves

Es Canutells: Local Resort Beaches and Virgin Beaches


In addition to the main beach at Es Canutells, visitors can explore a variety of local resort beaches and untouched virgin beaches nearby. These pristine coastal spots offer a unique opportunity to experience Menorca's natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere.


Some popular options include Cala Biniparratx, a charming cove with a secluded limestone gorge and caves, and the nearby Cap D'en Font, which boasts impressive underwater caves perfect for avid divers.


Shopping and Amenities in Es Canutells


Es Canutells offers a small selection of shops catering mainly to the residential community and holidaymakers. These establishments provide everyday essentials, with more extensive shopping options available in the nearby town of Sant Climent.


Here, visitors can find banks, a chemist, bakeries, cafes, and supermarkets, as well as a variety of excellent restaurants.

For those seeking water sports and diving experiences, the coastal resort of S'Algar is just a 20-minute drive away.

Es Canutells Shops

Exploring Es Canutells: Activities and Attractions


While Es Canutells itself is a tranquil and quiet retreat, its convenient location allows visitors to easily access a range of activities and attractions nearby.


Some popular options include:

  • Diving in the underwater caves at Cap D'en Font

  • Snorkeling off the beach

  • Exploring the idyllic countryside and nearby villages, such as Torret

Es Canutells Nightlife: A Quiet, Relaxing Experience


As a smaller resort, Es Canutells offers a more laid-back nightlife experience compared to larger, busier destinations. Evening entertainment can be found at local bars, or guests can venture to nearby Mahon and Ciutadella for a broader range of activities.


However, it's worth noting that the nightlife in Menorca does not compare to the wild party scenes found in Ibiza or Majorca.


Getting Around Es Canutells: Buses and Taxis


The local bus service in Es Canutells operates from May to October, providing a convenient and affordable way to explore nearby attractions. Route 22 buses make four trips per day into Mahon via Sant Climent, with a one-way fare costing 1.60 Euros.

Taxis are also available for those who prefer a more direct and flexible mode of transportation. A one-way journey from the airport to Es Canutells costs approximately 15-20 Euros.




In summary, Es Canutells is a charming small resort that provides a peaceful and authentic Menorcan experience. With its stunning beach, convenient location, and easy access to nearby attractions, it's an ideal destination for families and couples seeking a serene getaway.


So, if you're planning a trip to Menorca, make sure to consider Es Canutells for a truly unforgettable holiday experience.

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