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Why we love Binibeca

Writen by Nigel Clarkson May 4th 2024

We love the unique Binibeca, because of the old traditional Menorcan fishing village, the south-facing coastal village and the beautiful Binibeca Beach.

Everybody has seen a picture of the white houses looking out over the sea with that distinctive sloping ramp where you can put your boat to sea. It is right up there as one of Menorca's Best Resorts

Binibeca Vell Town Centre

It is well known for its picturesque whitewashed houses and narrow streets. You can get lost trying to weave your way through these residences. It's fun though!


We found Binibeca a relaxing place to stay for a getaway from it all holiday. It is a quick Airport transfer by taxi in under 20 minutes.

You have everything you need, some lovely restaurants and a couple of supermarkets and even a trinket shop. If you want to escape for a day out, there's the road train! It's very popular and we could set our watches by it passing the villa we rented.

Binibeca Vell Church and town centre

Binibeca Beach

This is one of the highlights of our week-long stay. Crystal blue waters of Binibeca beach which is backed by sand dunes and shrubland. But hey the bar on the side of the beach sure made it a great place to be!!

Binibeca Beach is situated in the middle of Binibeca Vell and the next village Cala Torret just down the coast. There is a small car park with an Ice Cream Kiosk and a Pizza Van! More about the pizza van in a bit.

Binibeca Best Menorca Resorts

What to expect

At Binibeca Vell you will find to the west many privately owned villas and apartments which have been developed with style and taste to blend into the surrounding area. 

It has its small commercial centre which has a great selection of restaurants, bars, various shops, and a supermarket. We enjoyed the Pizza Restuarant set in an inside courtyard with other Restaurants and Bars. Great if the weather isn't to good.

Things to do at Binibeca Vell

Binibeca Vell on the west side of the resort has become the main attraction with its Menorca-styled fishermen's village designed in 1972 by Spanish architect Antonio Sintes. It's a traffic-free zone, ideal for families to take a walk around if they want a break from sunbathing.


Markets are held at Binibeca Vell by the locals offering their produce at nearby the fishermen's village. I must visit!

Binibeca Vell has many privately owned villas and apartments that have been developed with style and taste to blend into the surrounding area. 

It has its small commercial centre which has a great selection of restaurants, bars, various shops and a supermarket. We really enjoyed the Pizza restaurant set in an inside courtyard with other Restaurants and Bars. Great if the weather isn't to good.

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Binibeca Vell Resort Menorca

Things to do at Binibeca Beach

In the summer months, you may well catch the mobile pizza van situated in the Car Park of Binibeca Beach.


The Mobile Pizza Al Vuel tends to arrive at the car park at about 11 am in the morning and leaves around 10 pm (depending on weather etc..) You can sit outside using the table and chairs supplied by Pizza Al Vuel. Very Popular and no wonder, it's quirky and really good! Nice people too.


Also alongside, the car park is the also popular ice cream store near the car park entrance. You can buy all the regular makes of ice cream plus a fantastic assortment of Ice Cream to try out.


Again they are super helpful and I don't mind spending my euros there, they offer a great service. Shh, we went every day! Watch the waistline.

Pizza Al Vuel Binibeca Nou Menorca

Binibeca meets Cala Torret

This area of Binibeca is divided up into several sections and to the east, is Cala Torret. This is where you will find the Tourist information centre, and a fantastic Bakery and cafe, check out what we bought for lunch there! It is just fantastic and so reasonable. There is also a good supermarket and some lovely restaurants.


Just on the edge of Cala Torret and Binibeca Nou, you will find Binibeca Diving Club which offers boat and also very popular snorkeling courses. You can also hire a kayak here too.


There are eating establishments and seating along with a concrete pier head which is ideal for a refreshing drink looking over the sea.

Binibeca Nou is an area behind the beach where there are mainly single-story villas, with stunning views of the sea. If Tennis is your game, you will find some tennis courts in Binibeca Nou.

We hired a villa from Villa Plus called 'Paradis' from Villa Plus. This villa was large, it had glorious views from the terrace overlooking the private swimming pool.


We just couldn't stop looking out to sea. We felt like millionaires! We visited in early May. The weather could be unpredictable, but we got 4 days of sun. The pool was freezing though!! 

Binibeca Diving Centre & Paupa Bar

Binibeca to Punta Prima Road Train

Sant Lluis Road Train Binibeca to Punta Prima

The Binibeca Land Train ran hourly past the villa we visited. The villa was situated on the main coastal route from Cala Torret to Binibeca Vell. Always on time, great service.


This service was very popular and only cost less than 10 euros for a return ticket from Binibeca to Punta Prima. Great value and a perfect way to see many of the coastal sights along the way! 

Pick-up/drop-off points are along the route between Punta Prima and Binibeca. They are marked with some brand new signage which also contains full timetable details, route maps and fares. I love the branding.

This service was running at the beginning of the season in May and runs until late Sept/Oct depending on how busy the area is with holidaymakers. *Recommended**

Binibeca road train timetable
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Binibeca Supermarkets

In Binibeca Vell, there are two mini-markets with another one along the coast road next to Delaneys.


Further down the road heading to Cala Torret there is another supermarket with a delivery service which is very handy if you are staying in a villa. We found the owners to be very helpful and friendly.


The nearest supermarket is Eroski, is located on the outskirts of the nearest inland village of San Lluis on the main road to Mahon.


Eroski also has a butcher's counter and fishmonger and you can take a break with a drink and something to eat in the cafe area.


There is a handy bus stop right outside the supermarket or if you go by car from Binibeca, it takes about 15 minutes to drive there.

Another popular family-run supermarket is Sa Botega at S'Ullastrar on the way to San Lluis. Set in a rustic-style building, they sell local produce and gourmet-style foods.


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Binibeca Supermarkets Menorca
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