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Markets in Menorca

Markets in Menorca, Menorca Shopping & Local Crafts

Buy Ceramics, Jewellery, leather goods, handbags and belts. Menorca Food with Cheese and Menorca Gin are popular with tourists. Handcrafts and Local Crafts can be found in the evening markets​ of Mahon and Ciutadella.

Menorca Markets
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Menorca Guides

Detailed Guide of the shops and markets in Menorca.

Mahon Shopping and Markets

Mahon Markets

Mahon is the capital of the island and has been since the British established in the 17th Century. There are great shopping opportunities in the upmarket small boutique-style shops found in the centre of Mahon. Buy yourself a treat ;-)

Mahon Markets:
Placa Esplanada – Every Tuesday and also Saturdays 9am until 2pm
Placa Baixamar – Everyday 10am until 8pm


Indoor Market Claustro del Carmen – 6 days a week Monday to Saturday 
Fish Market Mercado de Pescado – 4 days a week Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings


Mahon Harbour
Ciutadella Market

Ciutadella Shopping and Market

Ciutadella (the former city) has small artisan shops in amongst its beautiful Moorish architecture and has a very different feel compared to Mahon. Ciutadella has a lot of history ousing out onto the streets.

Ciutadella Markets: 
Viernes y Sabados on Fridays and Saturdays 9am until 2pm 


Port steps and very popular stroll in the evening Every night (Summer) 7pm until 12 midnight

Ciutadella Harbour Markets

Alaior Shopping and Market

Alaior Market

Alaior is well known as the centre for the Menorcan cheese making on the island and it’s possible to go into one of the local establishments to taste or buy some of the “Queso Mahon" which has its own unique denomination of origin like Cheddar, Edam and Brie.


Alaior Markets: 
Carrer Major-Carrer des Forn-Carrer de la Sala on Wednesdays 7pm until 11pm
Avda. Padre Huguet on Thursdays 8am until 2pm

Menorca Markets Generic

Es Mercadal Shopping and Market

Es Mercadal

Es Mercadal has some great shops and is also the home of some really yummy pastries like Ensaimadas, or maybe Amargos and Carquinyols to enjoy at one of the many cafes or bars after you have finished browsing through the local shops.


Es Mercadel Markets
Carrer Nou (is held from June until September) 6pm until 10.30pm
Carrer Nou (Runs from October-May) 10am until 1.30pm

Other Markets

Lots more towns to find some gems shopping and on the markets

Cala Galdana has Night market from 8pm to 11pm hours every Wednesday, July and August.

Ferreries is one of the smallest towns along the main road but has some of the major shoe outlets like Jaime Mascaro and Ria where you can also see the traditional “Avarques" being made.

San Lluis, in the south-east corner of the island, was originally built by the French during their brief occupation of Menorca and has a main High Street and a Ring Road both of which have small local shops, and a good scattering of café bars along the way.

Es Migjorn Gran is a small village towards the south of the island which both a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere while you wander around the streets locating the shops and Art Gallery which is a favourite of ours.

Es Castell, formerly known as George Town and then Villa Carlos by the previous rulers has a British influence which can be experienced at the local Military Museum, a treasure trove of history, or by just walking around the town and catching familiar English voices. 


Es Castell Artisans Craft Market, Mondays 8pm until 12midnight July and August.

This British influence can also be felt in Sant Climent which has the not to be missed British Sweet Shop on the island (C'an Dulce). It has its own Jazz Club and Casino Bar where you can listen to visiting jazz players or resident players who participate on "jazz Night".

Generic Market Square Menorca

Fornells has a lot going on!

Fornells is a beautiful fishing village situated on the north coast. It is made up of small streets made up of restaurants serving delicious fish dishes fresh from the sea including lobster Calderata which is a local speciality stew.

Fornells Markets
Weekend Night Market on the Calle Del Mar de Fornells, Fri, Sat and Sun (May to October) 8pm until 1am which you will find along the harbour.

There is also a good fleamarket every Wednesday (May to Oct) lunchtimes 10am until 2pm along Calle Del Mar de Fornells.

In Carrer Major, chance to buy yourself some local produce on the farmers market every Monday (June until September) 7pm until 11pm


In the offseason (Oct to May) the farmers market is alternate Sundays 10am until 2pm

Fornells Market

More Evening Markets at Menorca..

Cala’n Porter Flea Market from 7pm to around 11pm, held on Mondays and also Thursdays, (May to October), on the Plaça de Mevis.

Punta Prima has an evening market – Mondays and Wednesdays 7pm until 11pm

Santo Tomas has an evening market at the Passeig Marítim (next to the central car park). Runs Thursdays to Sunday evenings 7pm until 11pm.

Es Migjorn Gran every Tuesday 7.30pm until 11.30pm, the night market on the main streets (on both July and August)

You must visit the Fish Markets / Farmer Markets / Night Markets plus some of the fabulous restaurants and bars found in the local towns and villages. Make a point of trying some of the delights whilst at Menorca!

Mdenorca Maracas

Menorca Shopping

Menorca Shopping

Menorca Shop Hours


Most shops are open Monday through Saturday

Opening hours for most enterprises are 9:00-9:20 - 13:30, Closed for Siesta 13.30-16:30/17.00. Reopening 17:00 - 20:30, with certain exceptions.

between 9.00 and 19.00, with the exception of restaurants that stay open late into the night.

Some shops on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. until 6 p.m., and some on Sunday mornings (9:30-15.00).

In larger beach resorts, certain stores may remain open throughout the day from mid-June through mid-September.) Some small businesses stay open until 10 p.m.

Most things have to be imported into Menorca, therefore the best buys are those produced locally, and here is a selection of what you can find on the island:


Avaran is an Italian design house that creates innovative, contemporary designs for men and women. The main idea behind these extremely comfy sandals was simple farm footwear.


They're never mass-produced, so they lend themselves to individuality being produced and today there are a variety of patterns (handpainted, bejeweled, custom) as well as a rainbow of different soft hues in leathers that aren't mass-produced.


You'll quickly understand why they're so popular as summer shoes once you put them on. The form is unisex, and the soft leather molds to any foot shape.


More Shoes and Leatherware

There is a long history of producing high-quality leather goods in Menorca, which continues today. However, many of the brands will be unfamiliar to you since they are mostly sold in french and german quality fashion shops.


You may enjoy some excellent new shoe heels, flats, and boots if you buy locally.

Sandals Amazon

Menorca Costume Jewellery

Surprisingly, Menorca has a long history of handcrafted jewellery. There are several Bijou businesses where you may watch the artisans at work in the back while your eyes wander over the unique works for sale.

Very enjoyable on summer evenings, browse the night market stalls where Artisan costume jewellery is sold. Ciutadella and Es Castell harbors are recommended Markets on Menorca.

Don't forget, there are no high streets in Mahon or Ciutadella, but instead individual and clusters of clothing stores. Ideal for taking a stroll about. Getting something to eat and drink is a vital component of the experience.

Siesta is in effect in Menorca, so nothing will be open until 13:00 and 17:00. Shops are busiest during the evening hours.

The clothing stores in Mahon are a little more dispersed throughout the city along the major pedestrian shopping thoroughfares ( Calle Nueva, Calle del Angel ) and not to forget side streets of Carrer de la Carmen, Carrer de Castell des Comuns.

Pons Quintana - Menorca

Pons Quintana produces feminine luxury women's footwear right here in Menorca. The Pons Quintana shoe factory shop in Alaior features reduced pricing on gorgeous shoes and boots.


Pons Quintana is most recognized for their attractive handmade woven leather products. Renowned for their unique handcrafted woven leather designs that are both stylish and comfortable.

Islands shops in Mahon (S'Arravaleta 21) and Ciutadella (Sabaters 5 - Poligno) details are available at

Picture from Amazon Affilliate link

Menorca Outlet Shopping

If outlet shopping gives you the heebie-jeebies, take a deep breath: this is all small-scale stuff with more and more establishments bragging about themselves as "outlets" but in reality, it's just a marketing ruse.


In Alaior, Ferreries, Ciutadella, and Mahon there are small outlet stores located outside of town at commercial zones (Polignos signposted).

Castillo Menorca

Castillo is situated on the main ME-1, a children's entertainment area is set in beautiful lawned gardens with an outlet shop and plenty of parking. A wonderful location for the kids to burn off some energy while their parents do some shopping at the outlet store.


The outside portion includes numerous climbing poles, swimming areas, bouncy castles, and swings to swing from. Crazy Golf is located on the premises. On-site Cafeteria.

Next to the main structure is a big outlet shop with Lladro, Swarovski, NAO, and Swatch items (as well as local 'tourist' goods). The Costa Nova Karting track - the finest on the island - is located next door.

Fresh Food shopping in Menorca

Nothing beats sampling fresh food grown in Menorca's soil. It's ripe and delicious, exactly as it should be! Many little grocery stores will have loose fruit and vegetables, so you can smell them without using plastic.


Mahon and Ciutadella have wonderful food markets with beautiful fish. The little fruit and vegetable shops in the villages that sell the produce of local farmers are a good idea. Carrer Gran in Es Castell is one example.

Fresh Food Menorca


Support the local economy and avoid the supermarkets if you can. The little shops have better produce, anyway!

There are several shopping experiences unique to Menorca. Shop for handmade jewellery, local food, or even a new pair of shoes! With a little planning, you can make the most of your shopping trip to Menorca, Spain

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