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Menorca's Best Beaches

Some of the Best Beaches you must visit

  1. Macarella and Macarelleta

  2. Son Bou

  3. Santo Tomas

  4. Cala Galdana

  5. Arenal D'en Castell

  6. Cala'n Bosch

  7. Cavalleria Beach

As a regular visitor to Menorca, it's safe to say there are some amazing golden sands to be found along with some hidden isolated areas.

With over 100 beaches, this is why I love this holiday destination so much!

Southern Menorca Beaches

Macarella and Macarelleta Beaches

Probably two of the best hidden, Macarella and Macarelleta have two fabulous secluded beaches on the island. They are certainly top of our list.

You have to walk from a single road that sneaks down to a car park that is in walking distance of the two beaches.

Popular because of the unspoilt beauty these two neighbours offer and the bay is perfect for mooring boats on the crystal blue waters.

There is a path walking west from Cala Galdana to the beaches that takes 30-40 minutes to walk.

Macarella and Macarelleta.jpg

Macarella and Macarelleta Beaches

Son Bou

Here you will find the longest beach on the island making it one of the most popular in the height of the season. With its immaculate white sands drifting on into the distance, it is fabulous for a stroll along the water's edge with the waves lapping onto your feet.


There is a flag system in operation along the beach with lifeguards situated along the shoreline. To help and reassure swimmers, there are buoys marking where it is safe to swim.


Plenty of amenities here at Son Bou with some hotels and a good selection of bars and restaurants along the way. All the shops and bars are within easy walking distance with plenty of free parking along the beachside and inland by the main shopping centre.


Facing the south you can catch the morning sunrise and take in the beauty of the Mediterranean sea. It's a popular place with a good handful of hotels and private villas making up the town. With the biggest beach on the island, there is more than enough room for everyone to enjoy this delightful holiday destination.


Son Bou is easy to get to from the Me-1 main route and as you drive under the rock archway on the Carretera de Son Bou, the town comes into view overlooking the beach and sea. Head for the Parking Son Bou as you turn left at the first roundabout as you sweep down into the town from the southerly road.


Two large car parks to be found. The first one is near to the main roundabout which I found handy when popping to the shops for some supplies or grabbing a bite to eat. If its the beach your heading for, drive past the shops and the beach car park is situated straight on after the second roundabout.


It is an easy drive and just 25 minutes away from Mahon Airport. No wonder it is so popular and has to be in my top 5 resorts list on the island.


Son Bou Beach offers:

  • 3km of sands with crystal clear waters

  • Soft golden sandy beach

  • Blue Flag Beach awarded in 2016

  • Life Guards and safety flag system for swimmers

  • Paddle Boat and Kayak Hire

  • Kite Surfing and

  • Giant Inflatable aqua assault course

  • Protected wetlands area for wild birds

Son Bou Beach Menorca

Son Bou

Santo Tomas Beach

Smaller but very popular family orientated resort with an idyllic smaller beach with a popular promenade to walk along and take in the sea breeze. Some big hotels situated down the southside of the town and a scattering of villas.


Lifeguards look over the sea and designated swimming areas and we often joined in with the many other spectators watching the sunset over the neighbouring island of Majorca. A truly magnificent romantic evening occasion not to be missed. We loved Santo Tomas and here are some reasons why.​

Platja Sant Tomas Es Mitjorn Gran.jpg

Santo Tomas Beach

Santo Tomas offers:


  • Small family areas for sunbathing and swimming activities

  • A small number of good Bars and Restaurants nearby

  • 2 ATM machines for cash withdrawals on the main road inland

  • Sunbed Hire

  • Life Guards

  • Great place for perfect photographs, especially in the evening

  • Relaxed environment

Cala Galdana

There is something special about this town, I just love the general relaxed vibe of a perfect place to stay and enjoy. A horseshoe bay with golden sands, a marina where passing boats grace the promenade walk, plus lots of restaurants for a relaxing meal in the evening. It has got it all.


One road in and out of Cala Galdana situated on the south coast of the island described as the jewel in the crown of the islands different resorts, it a must-visit place. There are boat trips and various boat hires and paddle boats available. You can take the Menorca Taximar service and to some of the nearby remote coves and beaches, and get a return pick up in 5 hours. Great Service.


On a clear day, you can see Majorca on the horizon from the beach. I loved to walk along the sands shoreline barefoot early in the morning before anyone had got his or her towels on the sun loungers. It is such a lovely walk in the silky smooth sand with the sea lapping onto your toes.


Another feature just alongside the beach is the Barranc d’Algendar which runs out to the sea. This river outlet offers facilities for boats to moor. You will also find a boat rental business there too. The river flows out in its own channel into the sea and is separated from the beach by a small island of rock. The Restaurante El Mirador is positioned on the island overlooking the beach. The island is connected by a small bridge.


Good assortment of restaurants along the shoreline and even one of the small island linked by a bridge. Watch the sun go down in the west whilst enjoying an evening meal and drink. I just can’t help but take in the atmosphere with a stroll along the strip of restaurants and bars and admiring some of the boats that come to visit. Every evening is a relaxing delightful experience.

Cala Galdana Beach.jpg

Cala Galdana Beach offers:

  • Crystal clear waters

  • Gentle sloping fine sandy beach

  • Algendar river flows into the sea at the outlet near the small island

  • Boat excursions/water beach taxi plus large boat hire

  • Plenty of places to eat

  • Shops and 3 supermarkets

  • 2 beachside restaurants and bars

Cala Galdana

Northern Beaches


Arenal D'en Castell

Heading now to the north side of the Island, the lovely small town of Arenal D’en Castell set in Es Mercadal, Menorca, is nestled into flat headland on the eastern side, called Punta Grossa. It has got everything you need along with the early sunrises across the sea in the morning. A long sweeping bay of sand, It mainly consists of vacation villas and apartments with a few larger hotels.


Facing north it tends to be a little windier than the south. Many visits by boat and take advantage of the shelter from the east when mooring up. The beach also belongs to a bigger bay, overlooked by Punta Codolada and Taronger.


There is a good selection of shops and restaurants geared up to service the tourism trade. You won’t find any nightclubs here, any late entertainment is catered for by the hotels. Take a ride on the mini ‘fun’ train taking a route around the resort on a regular schedule. Take a visit to the nearby fishing village of Na Macaret with a couple of authentic restaurants that are popular with the locals.


As a family, it is great for a week's holiday where you can simply chill out throughout the day on the beach or back at your hotel or villa. The pace of life is relaxed, and that is what we sometimes want, away from the hustle and bustle of some larger resorts in the Mediterranean.

Arenal D'en Castell is up there with my favourite beaches on Menorca, if your hiring a car on your holiday, take a drive, it will be worth it.

Arenal D'en Castell Beach offers:


  • Circular Bay

  • 650 sq meters long beach of fine sand

  • Shallow water perfect for kids and families

  • Rent water bikes

  • Crystal clear waters

  • Protection from waves

Son Parc

A large wide beach situated on the clear waters of the northern shoreline backing onto sand dunes and a backdrop of pine trees. When we have an hour or two to while away, we jump in the car to Son Parc. It's easy to park and a well-positioned beach bar for us to take some refreshments like a 'Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin' with ice... lovely!

Arenal D'en Castell.jpg

Arenal D'en Castell

Son Parc offers

  • Unspoiled beauty

  • Cooler climate when the winds from the north

  • More surf... more fun!


Best tip from me is to visit both Arenal D'en Castell and Son Parc

on the same day. They make a great day out if the weather is fine.

Menorca's West Coast

Son Parc maybe.jpg

Cala'n Bosch and Son Xoriguer

You will find these two popular beaches very near to each other and both have fine white sands. Take a stroll along the lovely yachting marina. If you want a bit of adventure, we love to go to the water park. If you want even more adventure and need a break from the beach, take a spin on the Go-Cart track. 


Cala'n Forcat and Cala Blanca are also popular spots on the west side of Menorca. In fact, Cala'n Forcat was the first resort me and my wife (then girlfriend) stayed for a fortnights holiday in the early '80s. It has a small beach deep water inlet and lots of opportunities to do a spot of snorkelling. I always remember finding ants in the sands whilst sunbathing and being amazed at how far on the beach they had reached.


So there you have my shortlist of some of the best beaches I like to visit. There are many many more and that is part of the fun when you visit, finding another hideaway beach with its unspoiled beauty.


There are so many fantastic beaches at Menorca!

Calan Bosch.jpg

Cavalleria Beach


This is a lovely long beach of golden sand which contrast nicely with the turquoise sea with the waves lapping onto the shore. It is situated on the north side of the island just NW of Arenal d’en Castell making it another beach delight that is very often underused.


I like the fact It is not difficult to find. There is a road passing by the beach 100 meters away that goes to one of the islands most popular lighthouses also called Cavalleria right at the furthest northerly tip of the island. Before you get to the lighthouse on the Ctra. Camides Far, you will see the free car park signposted for the beach.


This beach doesn't have any developments or cafe’s so you have to take along your own refreshments and lunchtime snacks. But that is what I love about some of these Menorca beaches. The fact they are virtually untouched and have a natural beauty where you can feel like your on another planet. Once you get here, you can simply relax to the sound of the sea and chill out in the wonderful Mediterranean sunshine.


At Cavalleria, you can learn the art of surfing when the waves are big enough. Many beginners try their luck and take to the sea at this location. We are not talking massive waves here, but just enough to grasp the concept of surfing in shallow waters which help all ages have a go. If you have just bought a surfboard, then this is a great place to learn in the Autumn or the Spring.


With being on the northern side of the island, it can be slightly cooler, which in the height of the season is a blessing. In the summer it can get quite busy. Out of season, If you are lucky, you may only share this beach with 2 or 3 other people. One of which could be me!


Cavalleria Beach offers:


  • Unspoiled 500 meters of beach

  • Sand is thick so doesn't stick to you too much

  • Free Parking

  • Access to the beach by foot

  • Waves to practice surfing on (depending on the time of year)

Cavalleria Beach Menorca.jpg

Cavalleria Beach

Cala Sa Mesquida

Cala Sa Mesquida

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