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Cala'n Forcat Menorca

The first holiday we ever took in the ‘80s was to Cala'n Forcat. It has changed quite a bit since those days.

Cala'n Forcat is great for

  • Families

  • Entertainment

  • Nearby Ciutadella former Capital

  • Ideal for sunsets

  • Lots of accommodation

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Things to do at Cala'n Forcat

It is a lot busier for a starter and it is kid-friendly with lots to do including a waterpark. Over the years it has combined with Cala’n Blanes, Cala en Brut and Los Delfines all inked to make it one of the biggest big combined resorts on the island.


They are often described by some of the major holiday companies as being “lively” and by Menorcan standards, they probably are. 

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Along the main strip Avinguda Los Delfines you will find pizzerias, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops


Cala'n Forcat with its unique fork-shaped inlet, surrounded by rocky cliffs and pines. The shallow waters on the small beach (around 30+ steps lead down to it) are ideal for the kid’s ad they can even go crab hunting on the rocky inlet. It is a kid-friendly resort with lots to do with pool table and bouncy castles etc..


All the restaurants are geared up to be kiddy friendly too so Cala'n Forcat is a great place for family holidays, either small kids or teens who need plenty to do. We have listed the nearest to the centre of Cala’n Forcat.


Ciutadella is just a short ride away to if you want to find a bit of culture and do some serious shopping. It is a delight to have a look around and buy some lunch when the weather isn't up to a bit of sunbathing.

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Cala'n Forcat is 1 hour 15 minutes from the airport and one of the furthest destinations to travel to from the airport. If getting there from Mahon Airport is not included in your holiday package, then bear in mind it is going to be a costly transfer. Various transfer options are on our Menorca Airport taxi page.

All in all, If you are looking for a relaxing break without any disturbance and just the sound of the waves, maybe have a look through the other resorts we have listed.

Bus Routes From Calan Forcat:


Route 61 Cala en Forcat to Ciutadella via (Los Delfines , Cala en Blanes)

Hotels at Cala'n Forcat

Globales Almirante Farragut

Urbanización Los Delfines Paseo Marítimo,

Av. los Delfines, s/n, 07760, Illes Balears, Spain

+34 971 38 80 00


Apartamentos Cabo de Baños

Av. los Delfines, s/n, 07760 Los Delfines, 

Illes Balears, Spain

+34 971 38 80 22


Apartamentos Fiesta-Park

Av. los Delfines, S/N, 07769 

Cala´n Forcat, Menorca

+34 683 35 68 53


Apartamento Can Jaume

Av. los Delfines, 1, 07769 Los Delfines, Menorca

+34 687 53 05 84


Apartamentos Cala'n Forcat

7, Av. los Delfines, 1, 07769 Los Delfines, 



Blue Beach Menorca Apartamentos

Carrer Sant Bernardo, 5, 07769 Los Delfines, Menorca

+34 685 67 09 69

Restaurants nearby at Cala'n Forcat

Sa Posta De Sol

Ub Torre D Ram III, 16, 07769 Ciutadella de Menorca

+34 616 08 08 77


Bar apartamentos los lentiscos


Av. los Delfines, 84, 07769 Los Delfines


Shopping Bar Menorca

Hamburger restaurant

Av. los Delfines, 22, 07769 Los Delfines.

+34 971 38 85 54

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