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Menorca Emergency Information

Menorca Hospitals

Hospitals provided by the state

Menorca Hospital Mahon

Hospital General de Menorca Matéu Orfila: (0034) 971 48 70 00


Centro de Salud Canal Salat: (0034) 971 48 01 12

The Accident and Emergency departments (URGENCIAS) will attend to you. Make sure you take along your EHIC card along with your passport and any insurance documents. These 3 should be carried with you all the time on your visit or stay.

EHIC Cards 


Here is what your EHIC card entitles you to in the EU. You can receive any necessary medical treatment up to the usual standard of treatment and medical service a local resident would receive in the country where you are visiting or staying.


We advise you to carry with you your EHIC card at all times and all your family members too. This is so that you can then prove your EU medical entitlement and then receive any state-provided healthcare as needed.

Please note: State hospitals including clinics may not have any English speaking staff available when you attend and sometimes waiting is often longer than when you visit a private clinic or medical facility.

Hospital General de Menorca Matéu Orfila

Private Menorca Hospitals and clinics


Clinica Juaneda Mahon, Avd. Vives llull 6, Mahon: (0034) 971 35 11 15
Clínica Salus: (0034) 971 36 00 33

Juaneda, Canonge Moll Clínica Menorca: (0034) 971 48 05 05
Clínica Salus: (0034) 971 38 41 52

Ambulance & paramedic emergency: 061

All General emergencies – any department: 112

Clinica Juaneda Mahon

Menorca Doctors & Dentists



If you need a Doctor to visit you or need to visit a doctor's surgery, call (0034) 900 711711

Please note: There are many Doctors who speak English in most of the resorts and towns of Menorca.

When you receive any treatment, make sure to keep hold of any receipts in case you later want to make an insurance claim. If your in need of making a claim, make sure you check out all the terms and conditions on your own individual policy details.


spanish doctor menorca

Menorca Dentists - Private

Dental treatment is available by making an appointment at one of the following:

Carrer de Vassallo, 17, Mahón
Tel: 0034 971 35 19 50

Ciutadella  Centre Dental Ciutadella

Carrer de Sant Antoni Mª. Claret, 111, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca

Sant Lluis 

Carrer Sa lluna, 1 (Esquina Avda. de Sa Pau)

Tel: 0034 971 151 766

Remember: All dental treatment is Private in Menorca. You can't use your EHIC card and all work will be chargeable.

Menorca dentist
Holiday Extras
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