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Best Water Parks in Menorca 

Menorca has a good selection of water parks across the island:

Menorca's Water Parks Complete Guide

Places like Ibiza have long had a hold on the imagination of holidaymakers, but this is now changing. Many people are leaving popular spots like Ibiza and Mallorca in favour of less crowded locations where they can kick back and relax. Menorca is one such place and offers a range of fantastic benefits, including a number of great Menorca water parks.

What is most interesting about Menorca is the rapid development of many excellent Menorca water parks. These areas provide a fantastic opportunity for any holiday-maker who is looking for some adventure in a safe and sunny environment.

Inflatable Flamingo

Here are the best water parks in Menorca:

Splash Sur Menorca

​Splash Sur Menorca

Menorca Water Parks

If you travel down to a small resort called Biniancolla, you’ll find the Splash Sur Menorca water park. This also happens to be the biggest water park in Menorca and draws many water park enthusiasts and families looking for fun.

Located at the southern tip of Sant Lluis in Menorca near Punta Prima, this water park accommodates people of all ages, and it is open every year from May 1 to October 31. They are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and even include a restaurant where you can enjoy everything from burgers to pizza and salads to pasta.

Adults can relax in the lazy river while kids play on the pirate ship, and when you’re ready to take a break, you can sit at one of their picnic tables to eat your meal or snack. Splash Sur Menorca is excellent for kids because it provides a range of fountains, water buckets, a maze filled with water jets, and kid-friendly water slides.


It also offers bigger slides and even features a racing slide with multiple lanes. If you want to do something truly different, you can also go on the Kamikaze, which is a high-speed slide for those who can face it.


Entrance costs

Children 3 and under are allowed in for free, while those between 3 and 12 can buy tickets for USD $30.

Adults can buy tickets for $43.

Los Delfines Aqua Center

Los Delfines Aqua Centre
Los Delfines Aqua Centre

Located in Los Delfines near Calan Forcat on the western side of the island, this aqua centre is part of a huge tourist development. There are also restaurants for those who just want to relax.

The Los Delfines Aqua Center provides an excellent array of modern water slides and water fun. There is a Kamikaze attraction, which is similar to the one at Splash Sur Menorca, but it is a little more suitable for those who want a less hair-raising time.

This amazing water park includes rides such as the Adventure River, Black Hole, and Kamikaze, as well as tunnels, pools, and chutes for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy. The restaurants on the property offer all types of meals and snacks, so you can get something to eat without having to leave the park.


The Los Delfines Aqua Center opens every day between 10:30 am and 6:30 pm. Children 3 and under are free to enter, those between 3 and 12 are charged 12 Euro and those over 12 can buy tickets for 20 Euro.


Marco Polo Menorca Guide

AquaRock Waterpark

AquaRock Waterpark

The AquaRock Waterpark is great for families with younger kids and those who like a bit of variety. Located in a resort called Cala’n Bosch, it is a rather large water park and offers plenty for everyone.

The AquaRock Waterpark offers multiple waterslides, as you’d expect, but it also offers a wave machine in a big pool for those who want to get away from the higher tempo around the slides. For parents, there’s also a great whirlpool area for relaxing and kicking back.

You can also enjoy snacks and meals on one of their many restaurants, as well as bars and even a go-kart area. Not every older child will want to participate in the water slide fun, so there are these go-karts, as well as trampolines. One thing to note is that the karts are an extra fee, so this is worth bearing in mind when paying for tickets.

The park is open daily between 10:30 am and 6 pm.


They are open every day in the summertime, but they are closed on Saturdays during the months of May, June, and September.


Tickets are quite reasonably priced at 12 Euro for kids and 21.50 for adults.

Carema Splash Park

Carema Splash Park
Carema Splash Park

Like other water parks in Menorca, the Carema Splash Park is part of a resort. Carema Club Resort allows anyone to enter their waterpark and not just their guests. It also offers unparalleled views from an elevated position right next to the Bay of Tirant on the way to Fornells.

It’s not one of the biggest water parks on Menorca, but it does offer a lot of fun. The small size of this park does make it more manageable for young families or those who may not have the time for the large water parks in Menorca.

The pirate water slides are great fun for kids of all ages, and the eight water slides offer more than enough variety for most people. There are also fountains and water jets for extra fun. 

The park offers more than 6,500 square feet of water-filled activities, and they are open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. during Carema Club Resort season and in July and August from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Prices are also reasonable, with a one-day package starting at 10 Euro for kids and 15 for adults. Children 2 and under can get into the park for free. You can even get there by bus from many of the local hotels, for those people who don’t wish to take their car along.

The Carema Splash Park is the ideal spot for holiday-makers who just want a taste of what the Menorca water parks have to offer, but don’t want to trudge all day around the big locations.

Son Bou Water Slides

Son Bou Water Slides

Son Bou had some water slides on the Passeig del Prat near Club San Jaime 

Club San Jaime closed April 23 and so did the slide :-(

Son Bou Water Slides

Menorca is a fantastic place for people who are looking for beautiful secluded beaches, warm turquoise waters, and multiple water parks. It offers a great alternative to the overcrowded beaches of Ibiza and Mallorca and is one of Spain’s best-kept secrets so far. Be sure to checkout the Menorca Water Parks

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