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Scuba Diving Menorca

What are the general conditions for Snorkelling and Diving at Menorca?

You can scuba dive all year round. The water temperature is around 12 degrees Celsius in February to 28 degrees at the end of August.


During the season, from May to October, daytime temperatures vary between 20 and sometimes 25 degrees in May and October. In July and August it is the hottest period with almost 30 degrees or more every day.

Menorca Diving
Menorca Yacht

Whats the Menorcan Underwater Landscape like?

The soil composition around Menorca consists of the important, oxygen-producing Neptune grass, large stones that create the underwater landscape. Here and there are also sandbanks where many migrating rays can be found from April to the end of June.


There are only a few places around Menorca where currents can occur, but it is never that strong. Because of the calm winds, there are almost no high waves during the season and there is always a location where you can do diving. 

What most people love is that diving is freedom. As soon as you descend, you imagine yourself in a completely different world where you are a guest.


Even in today's digital world where everything revolves around the internet and being connected, underwater is the place to be disconnected. It is also fantastic to see how underwater life works together.


Watch how octopuses hunt at night and how lip fish make and take care of their nests. Watch different types of underwater life work together and survive and thrive.

Menorca Diving

What is the best time to dive in Menorca?

A great time to dive is from April to the end of June. You can see the migrating stingrays, and if you're in luck a large group of them. Also in April and May, there are many octopuses that make nests in burrows that camouflage them with stones and shells. 

Fascinating Lipfish build their nest in small bowls in rocks and protect their eggs by laying over them. 

A favourite is in the autumn season. In September the water is usually warmer than the air temperature, sometimes also in October. That is also a wonderful time to dive around Menorca and also the amber mackerel, sometimes in shoals of 30+ fish, can be seen.

Menorca Diving

Where are some of the best places to Snorkel in Menorca?

Some of the well-known beaches such as Cala Turqueta, Macarella and Son Saura are great for snorkelling. You can actually snorkel in most bays around Menorca.

At Cala Murta in the Southwest, you will find a shallow bay with the remains of an old boat, you can snorkel around and find some interesting fish taking refuge. 

One of the favourite diving resorts

Snorkeling Menorca

Well, somewhere that probably has a bit of everything is Cala Blanca with its Slipway and Canyons. Due to the varied underwater landscape in the bay, a wide variety can be found underwater. There is a lot of octopus and cuttlefish, many different crab species and a large variety of bass and bream. Many different types of snails can also be found here. 

It is also a safe environment for even younger fish because they can hide everywhere. In Cala Blanca, you can easily get in and out of the water. 

On the large rocks nearby, there is always a lot of fish here and a great chance of spotting some barracudas or octopuses and the various large groupers. They can be quite inquisitive and swim along with you which is even more fun.

Tips for starting off as a beginner at Menorca

Find a decent instructor that you can trust. There are many different diving organisations such as SSI, PADI, NOB, IAHD and more. Each one has different diving teaching systems but all have the same aim, to dive 100% safely.

For a start, you have to really want to go diving and stay in your own comfort zones. Clearly state to any new diving instructor if you have any big fears or limits you don't want to go to. The first step is to feel relaxed when diving and you find it interesting and most of all fun!

Once you have obtained your diving licence, you can then take your new-found hobby to new limits. Always keep happy in what you do in the fantastic underwater world of scuba diving

Learn to Dive

How much does it cost to go diving at Menorca?

To give you a rough idea of how much diving in Menorca costs, here are some average prices

Typical Diving Gear Hire Charges at Menorca Diving Centres:

  • Complete equipment around €45

  • Bottle €10 - €15

  • Neoprene average €8

  • Regulator average €10

  • Leads from €5

  • Jackets from €8

  • Lighting equipment: from €5

  • Flashlight €5 - €10

  • Bottle charge approx €12 for a 12L and €15 15L

* The above charges are average prices and not fixed prices at any of the following dive centres. They are just a helpful generalised guide.

Individual Dives with equipment included estimates:

1 Dive from around 50 euros

Renting Dive Bottle and leads only (with own equipment)

1 Dive from €40+ euros

Diving courses start anywhere around the €250 mark and up to €500

Menorca Diving

Diving Clubs on Menorca

Fornells Diving Centre
Passeig Marítim, 68
07748 – Fornells
Islas Baleares, España
Call: +34 971 376431

C / Moll de Llevant nº 325
07701 - MAHÓN Call: 971 361858 Mob: +34 616 443 489 

C / Paseo Marítimo 98.
07748 - FORNELLS Call: 971 361858 Mobile: +34 616 443 489 email:

Diving Center Happysub
Cala En Forcat, Av. los Delfines, S/N, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca, Illes Balears, Spain
Call: +34 609 213329

Salgar Diving Menorca
Passeig Marítimo, 07713 Sant Lluís, Illes Balears, Spain
website -
Call: +34 971 150601

Dive Center Cala Blanca
Carrer Ciutadella, 213, 07769 Ciutadella de Menorca, Illes Balears, Spain
website -
Call: +34 642 682704

Binibeca Diving Menorca
Carrer de Platja de Llevant, s/n, 07711 Sant Lluís, Balearic Islands, Spain
website -
Call: +34 617 685193

Dive Inn Menorca
Passeig es Pla de Sant Joan, 10, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca, Illes Balears, Spain
website -
Call: +34 651 644319

Diving Menorca
Playas de Fornells, 07748 Fornells, Minorca, Spain
website -
Call: +34 625 712631

Zona Comercial, 7-8, 07740 Port d'Addaia, Balearic Islands, Spain
website -
Call: +34 971 940251

Centro Comercial San Jaime s/n, 07730 Son Bou, Balearic Islands, Spain
website -
Call: +34 696 628265

SCUBA PLUS, Escuela de Buceo en Menorca
Carrer des Canal, 421, 07769 Torre del Ram, Illes Balears, Spain
website -
Call: +34 696 903160

Bluewater Scuba Diving Centre
Carrer Llevant, 07769 Cap d'Artrutx, Illes Balears, Spain
website -
Call: +34 660 646150

Blue Islands Diving
Passatge Riu, 7, 07750 Serpentona, Illes Balears, Spain
Call: +34 971 154931

Diving Center 7 Fathoms
07769 Cala en Blanes, Balearic Islands, Spain
Call: +34 609 213329

Av. Cala en Brut, 68, 07769 Torre del Ram, Illes Balears, Spain
Call: +34 606 039807

Tauchschule Poseidon Menorca
Carrer dels Suïssos, 3, 07769 Cala Santandria, Illes Balears, Spain
Call: +34 659 977208

Menorca Buceo
Carrer de les Roques, 20, 07748 Fornells, Illes Balears, Spain
Call: +34 659 032770

Menorca Diving
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