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Menorca set for a blistering hot week

Today the heat could reach 36 Celsius on the island before cooling a little up to the weekend. 

Hot Weather

The Met Office has issued a red alert and called on people most at risk to take precautions especially the young and the elderly. The best advice is to keep cool with a swim or a cold shower and keep out of the midday sun. Remember to drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids is the advice.

It doesn't look like the heatwave is over yet, with another hot period just after the weekend and no forecast of any rain for the next 2 weeks at least. 

Pete Clarke - Travel Editor - 18/07/20

Brits to spend more on holidays this summer, Spain remains top destination

Family Menorca

The average Brit holidaymaker is expected to fork out £2,110 on foreign breaks this summer – up 48% from an average of £1,420 last year – with one destination expected to see £11bn in tourism

This is despite the cost-of-living crisis, with two-thirds of travelers saying they will still go abroad this year.

Spain is still the most popular destination for British tourists, with UK residents spending £11 billion there last year. France came in second, with £4.9 billion, followed by Greece, Italy, and Portugal.


The United States also remained popular, with British tourists spending £5.1 billion there last year.

James Brockbank, founder of the Family Vacation Guide, said that travelers are making up for trips lost to the COVID-19 pandemic.


"The cost-of-living crisis has had an impact, but travel agents have also reported that while consumers have less money, overall they're still prioritizing holidays."

The increase in spending on foreign holidays is likely due to a number of factors, including pent-up demand after two years of travel restrictions, a weaker pound, and rising disposable incomes.

Let's go Menorca website has reported a 25% increase in organic traffic compared to last year which is good news for the island's tourism industry.


However, it is also worth noting that the cost of travel has also increased in recent months, due to factors such as rising fuel prices and airfares.

It remains to be seen whether the trend of increased spending on foreign holidays will continue in the coming years. However, for now, it seems that British tourists are still willing to splash the cash on their summer getaways.

Pete Clarke - Travel Editor - 03/07/20

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