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Menorca Water Taxis

Cala Mitjaneta Ciutadella
White Boat Menorca

Menorca Water Taxis offer

  • An easy way to hop from resort to resort

  • Better access to remote Menorca Beaches

  • Visiting several places in one day

  • Regular services and timetable

  • A Great Way to get tanned

  • An enjoyable excursion on the sea

The quickest way to get around some of the resorts

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Ever wanted to arrive in style at a Menorcan Harbour or take a trip on a boat to that remote beach in Menorca? Well, Water Taxis are the perfect way to get around the beautiful island by sea.

How many people can generally ride in a water taxi boat?

This depends on the company and the boats used. Generally 10 people plus the skipper on a water taxi, however Posidony quote 9 people for comfort. Always enquire if you have a party or private hire in mind as the number quoted are just a general guide.

Mahon Harbour

Where do the Water Taxis operate from at Menorca?

Listed below are 3 Water Taxi Companies operating in different areas on the island of Menorca. Prices quoted can change so always check with the water taxi operator.


All website, email and phone numbers are listed to confirm prices and times in advance. They do change throughout the year with some companies, especially in high season.

Water Taxi Mahon.JPG

Water Taxi Menorca

Moll de Llevant, 12, 07701 Mahón
Call: +34 616 428 891
Bookings: Monday to Saturday: 9:30 am to 11:00 pm

  • Harbour Trips from 14€ daytime - 15€ evenings

  • Mahon port to La Mola - Round Trip 14€ / one way 9€

  • Mahon (around the harbour) to Es Castell

  • Visits to "La Isla del Rey"

  • Mahon to Cales Fonts and Cala Longa

Ask for prices for other services
Rent a boat for celebrations, special moments and weddings etc..

The boat takes a min of 2 people up to 10

Mon to Sat: 9:30 am until 11:00 pm
Sunday no services

Menorca Taximar 

Macarella Menorca 10.jpg

Based at Cala Galdana
C/ Passatge Riu 1, 07750 Cala Galdana,
Call +34 609054444
website :

Scheduled regular services from Cala Galdana, visiting coves along the south side of the island.

Maximum of 10 people per boat. Boarding at the moorings just in front of the Restaurants along the front at Cala Galdana

Boats visit:


Excorxada - One of the most inaccessible coves and virgin beach on the south coast of Menorca

Fustam - A favourite destination situated between Cala Excorcada and Cala Trebalúger and not easy to get to by foot. So the water taxi is ideal.

Trebalúger - This beach is larger and can only be accessed by foot or boat

Also calling at/passing:

Macarella y Macarelleta
Probably the most well know on the island (ask for booking details)


A small beach that can be found just east of Macarella (ask for booking details)

1 adult from 30€
1 child (under 16) -from 25€

Ticket prices include:

20-30 minute boat ride to see the various beaches and caves
Drop off at one of the beaches from the trip with a pick-up and return at the agreed time.


Taximar Excusion routes:

West Route - Macarella, Macarelleta, Cuevas, Turqueta and Es Talaier
East Route: Mitjana, Cuevas, Trebaluger, Fustam and Escorxada



Arenal D'en Castell

Northside of the island
They are at “Amarres Fornells” (Fornells`Moorings)

just in front of the Cranc Pelut Restaurant

Route circuits: 

Northern Beaches Tour - Fornells - Arenal d'en Castell - Port d'Addaia Area
Marine Reserve Tour - Playa de Cavalleria - Isla de los Puerros - area

See website for full route details


Mornings 10am - 2pm
Afternoon 3pm - 7pm
Evenings 7.30pm - 10pm

Prices from 65€ to 79€ in August
Private boat hire from 399€ - 599€ in August

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