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Sant Lluis, Menorca

  • Small Village

  • Constructed by the French

  • Near to Mahon (1.8 miles)

  • Bus service 03 Line

  • Lovely Bars and Restaurants

  • White Washed Farmhouses

  • Sant Lluis Church

  • The Dalt Windmill (Molí de Dalt)

Saint Lluis Menorca

Sant Lluis is a village located in the southeastern part of Menorca, not far from Mahon. Sant Lluis is the largest town in the Sant Lluis municipality which comprises nearly all of southeastern Menorca.

Sant Lluis is a relatively new village (as in history terms) that was constructed by the French in the second half of the eighteenth century.


Since then, the old part of Sant Lluis has preserved its street layout, giving it a distinctive look among Menorca's villages.

The street pattern is a checkerboard.


The Sant Lluis church and municipal building are located in the middle of the checkerboard. The village's main draw is the "Entologico Molide Dalt" museum, which is housed in a historic mill.

The village of Sant Lluis and its surroundings are chronicled by the museum. Climbing the mill is a must-see moment during your visit to the museum.

How to get to Sant Lluis

There is a bus service Line 03 from Mahon to Sant Lluis. It is an hourly service throughout the day and the bus route is a 6-minute ride over 1.8 miles.

If you love walking, you can set off from Mahon, choose a cloudy not-so-hot day, and it will take you around an hour to walk from Maó to the town.

On horseback, bicycle, or on two legs, you may discover the rural and seaside in many different ways throughout the county of Sant Lluis! There are several delectable sights to behold, as well as the opportunity to cleanse yourself in any of the island's beautiful beaches and coves.

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The Dalt Windmill (Molí de Dalt) Menorca

The Dalt Windmill (Molí de Dalt) is the first historical structure you come across when traveling from Maò on the main road. It is now a rural museum and symbol of the town, replacing a previous windmill.

The village is surrounded by a number of rural hamlets, including pretty white-washed farmhouses with white roof tiles and pathways and roads lined with dry stone walls.

Local markets and shopping

Sant Lluis has a fishmonger and several little shops if you want to cook or BBQ in your apartment. For basic grocery shopping, there are a number of supermarkets on the outskirts of town.


The hilltop church overlooking the harbour's near the capital of Mahon also has a bi-weekly gypsy market and a daily fresh market selling fruit, vegetables, and meat in the cloisters of the church, with views over the harbour.

The inhabitants follow tradition and play Joc de Bolla, a game similar to bowls that is played in the Cultural Centre, C.C.D. Sant Lluis.

The summer season is filled with musical performances and exhibits by local artists, artisans, and musicians. A schedule of social events will be provided by the town council.

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Sant Lluis Bars and restaurants

Sant Lluis has a wide range of restaurants, ranging from pizzerias and tapas bars to high-quality fine dining and café-style drinking. A vineyard with a bar and boutique restaurant is located on the outskirts of town where you may go on guided tours and try wines.

Nearby Restaurants

There are several restaurants with a view of the water in Punta Prima, Binibeca, and Mahon.


Es Castell is also conveniently located and has a lovely area by the harbour called Cales Fonts where you can enjoy a romantic meal as the sun sets over the sea.

Sant Lluis, Menorca is well worth a visit to take in some of the Menorca cultures on your visit.

Binibeca Sant lluis Menorca
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