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Menorca Food and Drink

Food on the island is one of its most attractive features.


After all, the island has changed hands from one empire to another for thousands of years, and every culture has left hints of its gastronomic heritage.

There are so many dishes that Menorca specialises in, but where to start?

Menorca Food and Drink

9 favourites - Menorca Food and Drink

Here are nine traditional Menorcan dishes and drinks — food from Menorca that will make you fall in love with the island. 

1. Xoriguer Mahon Gin

Gin might be the trendiest spirit right now worldwide, but it’s been the leading hard spirit in Menorca for centuries!


Unlike most gins, producers here use distilled wine as a base for their aromatic gins, and not grain spirit, making the clear beverage already attractive.


Xoriguer Gin is one of the few gins recognized and protected by the European Union as a traditional drink, as it goes back to the 18th century when the island was under British rule

Xoriguer Mahon Gin (Buy on Amazon) might just be the most traditional gin in Menorca; floral and peppery, this strong spirit makes the loveliest Gin and tonics, but locals mix theirs with lemonade for a summery drink!

Xoriguer Gin Menorca
Xoriguer Mahon Gin

2. Isla de Menorca Wine 

Isla de Menorca Wine

People have been making wine in Menorca since the Roman Era.


Although not as famous as the wine from the larger Majorca or continental Spain, locals in Menorca do enjoy a glass of wine often, and the wine is good.


Menorca's tiny wine industry created in 2002 is now enjoying a period of modernization, and the creation of the Isla de Menorca Wine VT has spurred a renewed focus on the production of quality wine.

Expect robust Cabernet, juicy Merlot and rustic Tempranillo, the island’s main red varietals.


Winemakers make white wine with Chardonnay and Muscat, and they make a pretty rosé as well! Find wine from Menorca labeled under the appellation Isla de Menorca VT.

Isla de Menorca Wine
Isla de Menorca Wine

3. Sobrasada

It’s no secret that Spain is the land of cured meat, sausages and hams, and Menorca is no exception. The sobrasada is the most popular sausage in the Balearic Islands and is widespread in Menorca. 

This soft, almost spreadable sausage is made with meat from Menorca’s black pigs and it’s flavoured with paprika and other common Mediterranean seasonings.


The result is a burst of flavour and an unctuous mouthfeel — best enjoyed with a glass of red wine. 


4. Mahón Cheese

Mahón Cheese

Mahón cheese is Menorca’s signature cheese — it’s undoubtedly the best-known food on the island from the Capital.


The semi-hard cheese is made with cow’s milk and has a creamy white paste and an orange rind thanks to hefty olive oil and paprika rub. 

Producers air cure Mahón cheese for up to ten months, giving it extra layers of flavor and complexity, and although this is no mild cheese, it’s still easy to love.


You’ll find fresh and aged Mahón, and both styles have their fans. 

Mahón Cheese

5. Caldereta de Langosta

Caldereta de Langosta

The famous caldereta de langosta or lobster stew is one of those dishes you have to try in Menorca, not only because lobster is heavenly on the island, but because it’s very well priced as well! 

The main ingredient in this rich, tomato-based stew is the Mediterranean spiny lobster, known for its abundant, buttery and almost sweet meat.


Together with garlic, onion, bell peppers and a few slices of artisan bread, this sea-scented stew is hard to beat. 

Caldereta de Langosta

6. Cabrit o lechona es forn 

Cabrit o lechona es forn

This Menorcan meaty specialty might be hard to pronounce, but it’s easy to enjoy.


We’re talking about suckling pigs or goat kids roasted whole on an open flame for a meat-lover’s dream and a celebratory meal to feed a crowd. 

Cooking cabrit is a slow process, but the result never disappoints — fall-off-the-bone meat served with roasted potatoes for a rustic but glorious meal.

Cabrit o lechona es forn

7. Pudin de Requesón

Pudin de Requesón

This whey cheese pudding is the first of several sweet treats we’ll describe on this list, and it’s one of many sweets on the island — Menorcans love their desserts! So do we x


Pudin de Requesón is a creamy and crumbly combination of pressed whey cheese, flour, sugar, lots of eggs and butter.

Cinnamon, lemon zest and nutmeg are typical flavorings for this dessert, giving it a familiar and comforting personality.

Menorca’s sweet pudding is a blank canvas for creativity, as people often enjoy it with a spread of jam or fruit. 

Pudin de Requesón

8. Flaó


Flaó, is a tender pastry dessert made with local cheese, flour, eggs, and lard. What makes this unique cheesecake special is its rich flavor and fluffy texture.


Initially, a specialty reserved for Easter, Flaó is now available on the island year-round, and that’s awesome because you don’t want to miss out on them.

Cheesecakes in Menorca Spain have been around for centuries, dating back to at least the thirteenth century. And although these sweet treats exist all around the Balearic Islands, they’re all different.

flaó menorca

9. Ensaimadas


The ensaimadas menorquinas are one of the most typical dishes in Menorca.


These are bun-shaped baked goodies made with lard, flour, sugar, and eggs, and people often fill them with sweet goodies, including pastry cream and chocolate.

Savory ensaimadas exist as well, and they can be stuffed with cheese or sausage. If served plain, they’re called coca bamba.


Either way, ensaimadas are one of the tastiest examples of Menorcan food and a must-try for every visitor touring the island. 



Menorca Food and Drink

Food in Menorca is incredibly varied, and although the dishes above are great ambassadors for the island’s cuisine, there’s much more where they came from.



From stuffed squid to sweet pasta sets (delicious butter cookies), food in Menorca Spain always feels like a celebration, and time around the table is nothing less than a party. 

There is something for everyone, whether you want to party all night, relax on the beach or explore the island’s ancient towns.


Menorca is a fabulous destination for foodies, too. In fact, we guarantee Menorcan food will be the highlight of your trip!

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