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Try learning Spanish for free!

Today marks the day you can give the crème de la crème of online language learning a whirl - and when I say it's the bees' knees, I mean it.


We're talking about Rocket Spanish, a platform so eager to get you on board, that they're throwing open the doors for a no-strings-attached trial.


Fancy a go? Just click the banner below:

Learn Spanish Case.jpg
Spanish Rocket

When I say it's on the house, I mean you won't fork out a penny nor whip out your credit card. Not a single sneaky charge in sight, which is more than I can say for some of the other outfits out there.

Just pop in your name and email, and Bob's your uncle: you've got yourself a taste of Rocket Spanish that's yours for keeps. No expiry date on this trial, it's like a good cup of tea, perfect at any time.

This taster will let you in on a few secrets:

  1. Learning is a personal journey. What's cracking for one might not be another's cup of tea. It's all about finding what tickles your fancy.

  2. Getting your Spanish pronunciation spot on is crucial. It's about practising the right way, with feedback that's as genuine as a Sunday roast.

  3. Who said learning Spanish can't be a bit of fun? With Rocket Spanish, you're in for a treat, not a chore. There's something for every taste, making the learning process a right joy.

  4. Ever thought you could learn Spanish while doing the dishes or commuting? Well, you can. Slip Rocket Spanish into your daily routine and you'll be chatting away in no time.

Rocket Languages has knocked it out of the park, offering a way to learn Spanish that's as refreshing as a seaside breeze.

But don't just take my word for it. Have a listen to what Mark Simpson from Southport has to say:

"Rocket Spanish gets down to the nitty-gritty - teaching the real talk, not just textbook Spanish.

You'll learn the lingo as the locals speak it, sounding less like a tourist and more like a native. It's one thing to mimic words, but another to match the pitch and tone of a native speaker. Rocket's got you covered."

Eager to get started? Your next adventure in Spanish is just a click away.

Click here to try Rocket Spanish for free.

Spanish Rocket

Note from Nigel Clarkson - owner of Let's Go Menorca


The best part of all is that you work at your own pace and everything you need is online. That suits me so much more.

With just a handful of phrases and words, you will have an even better time on your visit to Spain. This is a great opportunity how to learn Spanish on your ownSpanish Rocket  is easy to understand and even really enjoyable!

Hope it helps you too

Nigel - Let's Go Menorca

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