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Learn Spanish

I found the easiest way to learn Spanish was actually to also understand Spanish culture too.

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To get conversational quickly by using the most useful parts of the Spanish language was the first step.

I also started to immerse myself more in the everday way of life and found it one of the easiest ways to learn Spanish.

Learning Spanish words, phrases and grammar, I believe are just one part of your journey.


If you really want to experience Latin American and Spanish culture like a local, then You then need to immerse yourself as a local in Latin American and Spanish culture as much as possible. This is where I found Rocket Spanish helped me find a successful way of learning Spanish. Watch the video below for an insight:

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I have got some of my friends using this concept and Jan found it to be ideal...
"I can now communicate with the Spanish folk in the town in Orihuela Costa”

I have over the last 3 years attended 3-night school classes to learn this beautiful language. After which I still couldn’t string a sentence together.


Nigel suggested Rocket Spanish to me, I am amazed at how simple you have made this and I can now communicate with the Spanish folk in the town in Orihuela Costa where I am planning to spend my retirement.

I even now speak a bit of Spanish with Nige on the phone.

Jan Woodhouse
Middlesex, UK

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Many people want to learn Spanish

The best part of all is that you work at your own pace and everything you need is online. That suits me so much more.

With just a handful of phrases and words, you will have an even better time on your visit to Spain. If you are going to be working in Spain, Spanish Rocket  is easy to understand and even really enjoyable!

Hope it helps you too

Nigel - Let's Go Menorca

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