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Getting Around Menorca

Many holidaymakers and business visitors opt to hire a car. It's an easy way to explore this beautiful island and seek out those hidden treasures.

Getting around Menorca in a Car

Driving overseas can be great fun, however, procedures and conditions differ for many visitors, especially drivers from the UK. It is always advisable to try and familiarise yourself with the regulations and stick to any speed limits.

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Always drive with caution, especially at junctions and intersections. One main point to remember! And it is easier than you think, in Spain they drive on the right-hand side of the road.


If you have not driven on the right side of the road before, it is not as bad as you might think. When you are driving on the left-hand side of a vehicle, it all falls into place and within 10 minutes, you feel pretty much natural with the traffic flow.

Walking and cycling Menorca

Both walking and cycling are very popular on the island of Menorca.

There are many Cycling Routes for different abilities and cycling experience. There are also new routes, for both cyclists and walkers alike. The popular Cami de Cavalls take all the way around the island.

For detailed maps and up-to-date details, we recommend the Menorca Tour & Trail Map available from Amazon with the usual quick delivery to your home. 

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Driving In Menorca

Driving In Menorca

Remember to carry your driving licence at all times whilst driving along with your passport and car hire contract (if you have hired a vehicle).


Failure to produce these documents if requested by the police or authorities will incur an on the spot fine. We don't want that!


As in the UK, it is compulsory to wear a seat belt both in the front and the back of a vehicle or in a minibus.


Never drink and drive, just as in most countries, as this is a criminal offence for Menorca Drivers.

Because you are driving in a hot country in the summer, care should be taken whilst driving in the rain as the road become slippery. This is even more probable after a long hot stretch of weather and when the heaven open, the road becomes extremely slippery. Beware!


Had a Road Accident?


If you are unfortunate enough to have a road accident, firstly call the Police on 112. Call your hire car company, then contact a representative wherever you are staying.

Always use a high visibility vest (if available) if you are out of a vehicle by the roadside.

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Taxis Menorca

When we go to Menorca, we generally opt for getting a taxi instead of hiring a car. On the island, there is a decent taxi service.. Most of the taxis have fair meters, but if you hire one without, they should have a price list card from which the taxi driver can quote you a price before setting off to your destination.


If you are getting a taxi from the airport to your resort when you arrive at Menorca Airport, we have listed fare prices and everything you need to know about getting a taxi quickly. Click Here to check out the fares.


Often, at taxi ranks, a price guide is displayed. Saloons will only take a maximum of 4 people (including babies).

If you a taxi for more than 4 people, there is an English Speaking taxi service on the following numbers

971 36 71 11 for the Mahon area

or 971 48 22 22 for the Ciutadella area.

Menorca Taxi

Menorca Buses

Most of the resorts and towns at Menorca offer a bus service. There are some more frequent than others. I find that most bus services are hourly or on busy stretches half-hourly.


Special buses for local fiestas are often organised. This, in turn, encourages locals as well as tourists to leave their cars and opt for the public bus service. Less traffic and more buses help everyone enjoy the fiestas and festivals to their full!


Full details of the bus timetable and bus routes can be obtained here .

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