Taxi Menorca Fares 

2021 from Mahon Airport

Here is one question everyone visiting Menorca wants to know, what are taxi Menorca Airport prices? How can I get a taxis from the airport to my resort?


Here is our Menorca taxi guide prices from the airport

Menorca Taxi Fares 2021
menorca taxi

Cala'n BoschCala Galdana, Santo Tomas, Son Bou, Cala Blanca, Calan Forcat , Los Delfines , taxi Ciutadella, Binibeca, Centre of Mahon and all the other common destinations often asked for. Here we will give you the full details on the tariffs and Menorca taxi fares to help you work out your costs.

General Info about Taxis at Menorca

On the island of Menorca there are no private taxi companies only Taxis licensed for a particular area of the island - so you won't find an UBER or private cab service.

On your visit, if you ever want to hail a taxi from a roadside, remember a green light on a moving taxi means it is occupied or booked and not available.

All taxis on Menorca are painted white and all use meters which are clearly visable to passengers. Meter shows a min. price at the start of your journey plus the rate for time of day either Tarifa' 3 or 4.

The different Tarifa's are dependent on the time of day, bank holidays etc.. Once you hire a taxi, the tariff rate will stay the same until the complete journey is made.

Taxi fares from the airport change slightly each each year but usually only a small increase. 

At Menorca Airport all fares clearly are posted on a post on your exit of the main arrivals baggage hall suitated near the Tourist Information Office which is clearly signed. 


Arrivals at Mahon Airport

Where is the Menorca Airport Taxi Rank?

When you arrive at Menorca Airport and have passed through customs and retrieved your baggage, you will then come out in the main arrivals baggage hall exit near the Tourist Information Office.


In the hall and just outside the fares to popular resorts and destinations are listed to give you an idea of the fare you will be paying on your journey. As you turn right out of the main exit you will see the Taxi stand which is called Paradas de Taxi in Menorca.


As well as the fair listed, there will be extra charges added (extras) for large baggage. These will be displayed on the meter at the start of your taxi trip.

Mahon Airport Transfers

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How are the Menorca taxi fares are calculated?

Fares are based on distance and are regulated. However, some journeys crossing a boundary into another operating area may incur an additional charge. I always ask the driver for a price before starting off. The taxi drivers are very helpful and always let you know a roundabout price of how much the trip will cost you.


The fares change each year but only increase by a little inline with inflation.


You will have no problem finding Mahon Airport's Taxi rank, it is immediately outside arrivals on the ground floor. Every time we have visited Menorca, there has been plenty of waiting taxis, but we have heard of some people having to wait 5 or 10 minutes in a queue at busy times.

Pre-Booking Transfers options


Superb firm Suntransfers. Always been on time the last 6 times we have used them. Always waiting to greet you off the plane.


Best Private Hire taxi firm we always use here at Let's Go Menorca. Ok, you can get cheaper ways to get to your resort, but if you want service and speed and comfort, this is the way to travel to and from the airport.

Mahon Arrival Private Hire Pickup

Call Menorca Taxi

You can telephone for a taxi if none are available by calling 'Radio Taxi' and there is normally a supplement for this ( see supplemented price tables below )


There is just one number to remember: tel. number +34 971 367 111 and this number connects you to English speaking service. You simply state your location (Mahon Airport) and where exactly you would like to be picked up from.


Radio taxi has a central control service based in Madrid. The controllers in Madrid will probably not know Menorca to well, so be sure to explain your exact location and where you are travelling too.

Call Radio Taxi +34 971 367 111

Taxi info you need to know

Saloon taxis are generally licensed to carry four passengers. If you are in a bigger party, you can ask one of the drivers to make a call to arrange a pickup by a rarer 5 seater Taxi for your party.


Be careful not to keep your taxis waiting! You can get charged a hefty waiting fee of 17 Euro's (ouch!!)


Remember, all Children are required to sit in the rear and must always wear a seat belt at all times. 

Deciding on a taxi or shuttle service from the Airport

This all depends on the distance to your resort from the airport. We recommend for shorter transfers to your resort say within 15 miles, taxis are going to be the best solution both on price and convenience. 


If you have young children, you may require the use of child seats. It may also mean you need to use 2 taxis because of the extra requirements. In this instance, I would pre-book an airport transfer with someone like

Menorca Taxi Prices Guide 2021

Taxi Telephone Numbers


Pza. Explanada:

(0034) 971 36 12 83

Radio Taxi:

(0034) 971 36 71 11

Taxis Mahón:

(0034) 971 35 77 00


Taxis Ciutadella:

(0034) 971 38 11 97

Asociación Taxi Móvil:

(0034) 971 48 22 22

Fares Table Guide 2021 in the following areas:

West Coast
Low Tarifa 3 /Highest Tarifa 4 Taxi Euros prices

Cala Blanca €58 / €59

Cala en Blanes €57.44 / €67.73

Cala en Bosch €65.99 / €77.96

Cala en Forcat €59 / €70

Cala Morrel €61 / €72

Ciutadella City    €53.13 / €62.58

Santandria €56.91 / €67.10

Son Xoriguer €67.10 / €79.28

East Coast
Low Tarifa 3 /Highest Tarifa 4 Taxi Euros prices

Alcaufar €21.58 / €24.83

Binibeca €21.58 / €24.83

Canutells €16.75 / €19.06

Cala'n Porter €17.80 / €20.32

Es Castell €15.10 / €17.12

Mahon City €10 / €11

Mahon Harbour €12.97 / €14.54

Punta Prima €21.58 / €24.83

S'Algar    €21.58 / €24.83

South Coast
Low Tarifa 3 /Highest Tarifa 4 Taxi Euros prices

Cala Galdana €44.57 / €48.14

Santo Tomas €36.54 / €42.74

Son Bou    €29 / €33

North Coast
Low Tarifa 3 /Highest Tarifa 4 Taxi Euros prices

Arenal Den Castell €32 / €38

Fornells Village €37 / €43

Port Addaya €32 / €38

Son Parc €36.02 / €42.11

Airport Taxis - Tariffs/fares explained

Menorca Taxi fares are regulated on the island with standard minimum charges measured by a meter per kilometre travelled. There are two Tarifa (tariffs) and remember Taxi tariff rates increase after 22:00 and from 14:00 on Saturdays and Public Holidays.


All prices are in Euro - Here are the two tariffs outlined:


Tarifa 3 - Mon - Fri (Sat am ) 06:00 - 21:00
Tarifa 4 - 21:00 - 06:00 and from Sat 14:00 onwards + Public Holidays

Min. Charge per Km  circa 3 - 0.51   circa 4 - 0.61

Supplements - Extras Charged after 21:00 Saturdays after 14:00 and on Public Holidays

  • Trips originating or ending at the airport €2.90

  • Journeys beginning or ending at port €2.90

  • Radio Taxi by calling a taxi to your location costs €1.05

  • For each suitcase or item of luggage, you are charged €0.60


Expected lowest  Mo-Fr 06:00 - 21:00 (Tarifa 3) and highest Fares (Tarifa 4) in Euros from Mahon airport with upto 4 passengers for a one way trip to the resorts that follow: