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Cami de Cavalls Menorca

The Cami de Cavalls path at Menorca is an 185 km path that you can walk, cycle or ride a horse all the way around the island. 


This is one of the best ways we love to take in the beauty of this gorgeous island that we love so much. We walk but some people ride round by horse (it’s a lot quicker) and some like to cycle on a mountain bike, too hot for us!


This blog mentions some of the island's hidden beaches which, if you take on some of the paths, you will discover. The problem is time and how long you are staying so most just walk one stretch or maybe a couple. Before we get into some suggestions, let me try and explain the history behind Cami de Cavalls and how it came to be.

Cami de Cavalls map

History of Cami de Cavalls Menorca

The Spanish military used to move all their equipment around the island on the Camí de Cavalls Menorca (Path of Horses Menorca) back in the 18th century.


A darker part of its history is that pirates use to use it to! Adds even more excitement to be treading the footpaths used by so many in the past. Because of its history and popularity, Camí de Cavalls was declared a Cultural Heritage Site in 2005 by the Spanish government.


The main way of understanding the trail is to imagine it running around the island with a starting point near Mahon. Most think of moving along the path counter-clockwise, encircling the island. 


Along the way, you will encounter most of Menorca’s landscapes from beaches to cliffs. The Cami de Cavalls does not allow any mechanical vehicles like cars or bikes so you can really get away from it all. If you see any horses, make sure to stand to the side whilst they pass

Menorca Map Guide Cami de Cavalls

Who is Cami de Cavalls suitable for?

With parts of Cami de Cavalls being rugged, especially near the hilly parts, it is safe to say that some of the routes is not suitable for those who wouldn’t think of going on a hike. A perfect example was a couple walking from Santo Tomas to Son Bou who had completely gone off track and ended up wandering past our villa at the top end of Son Bou.


This was September and a rather hot day and they were simply not prepared for what they thought was a short walk. Always take plenty of water and sun cream and wear a hat! They ended up hiring a taxi near the restaurants in the centre of Son Bou to get back to Santo Tomas.


Be prepared for all weather if you intend to go walking for the day. We got caught a couple of times with a heavy thunderstorm late in the afternoon. So you are going to need a rucksack with all the important essentials available. More about this later in this article.

Cami de Cavalls

Safety Considerations

Cami de Cavalls is such a rewarding experience, it is something everyone should have a go at if possible, not the whole route, just part of it is very rewarding. Even if you go on a short walk, make sure you are prepared. 


Here are some of our tips, stuff that we found has come in useful.


Take a map, maybe a compass if possible, and a first aid kit. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep a lookout for any wild goats; although they are not that common on the trail itself, it is better to be safe than sorry.


It is handy to wear bright clothing maybe a fluorescent top when out exploring, especially if you set off or are just completing a walk during the darker hours of the day.

What to pack for your trip

Well let's not get into Indiana Jones territory but you are going to need some Sturdy footwear - especially hiking boots if you plan to do a larger part of the route


Sunscreen, bug repellent (they love biting me) and always a >>first aid kit<<


A backpack is needed, large enough to store a few days worth of supplies - A map, a compass, and a water bottle.


You might forget this one but some extra cash in case you run into an unexpected situation or have to get a taxi back! - light rain jackets for cooler temperatures >Menorca Weather< - Plus you're mobile! Get some great pics.

Cami de Cavalls Menorca

Popular Attractions Along the Trail

So many beaches along the way, Fornells is the perfect detour and is so lovely with the boats.


It is usually not as touristy as other villages on the island, which makes it a great place to experience the authentic culture of Menorca and maybe plan some lunch there.


Near Mahon you will come across some of the watchtowers of Menorca and also dotted around the island are some of the distinctive lighthouses. Lots more suggestions in our top 10 places to visit.

Castell de Sant Nicolau


Camí de Cavalls is one of the most unique pathways in the world. We like to visit for a short walk in a different location on the island each time we stay.


We feel that we get to know the island so much more by taking a day or half a day taking a stroll. Whether you are looking for an adventurous activity or a unique way to explore Menorca, Cami de Cavalls is the trail for you.

Cycling Menorca Cami de Cavalls
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